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Michael Schulz, Berlin  Berlin, travels and @whileinbetween 🇻🇳 Currently in Vietnam ⠀ ✉️ [email protected]

It could be an arctic scene, but my plan was to escape the Berlin Winter, so it's actually 22 degrees! Feels quite cold though – after the tropical South of Vietnam. 😜 #Вerlinstagram_in_Asia

Yesterday's super moody #Halongbay. I've been here before when it was sunny, so great to experience it like this. 🌫👁 #Vietnam #Вerlinstagram_in_Asia

Yes, it's a passenger train running through a neighbourhood in #Hanoi – and you can watch more on my Instagram story. 🤷🏻‍♂️🇻🇳 #Vietnam

#Hanoi's Old Quarter has many very narrow buildings, because houses used to be taxed only by their street frontage width. #Vietnam #Вerlinstagram_in_Asia

It's Spring in #Hanoi – one of the most photogenic cities of the world, when it comes to street photography. 📸🇻🇳🙌 #Вerlinstagram_in_Asia #Vietnam

That sacred fig tree again. 🌳💡 #Vietnam #Вerlinstagram_in_Asia

Remains of the Forbidden Purple City, built in 1804, but almost entirely destroyed in the wars. #Vietnam #Вerlinstagram_in_Asia

36 hours of heavy rain in Huế, which is actually one of the rainiest cities of #Vietnam. But who cares, when the food is awesome and the atmosphere is so moody! 😋☂️🇻🇳 #Вerlinstagram_in_Asia

Entering the Marble Mountains. #Vietnam #DaNang #Вerlinstagram_in_Asia

Vietnam is one of my favourite countries for moody shots! ✌️🌚🇻🇳

It looks cute, but Vietnamese on motorbikes are one of the most scary things on earth! 😱💥🏍 💨🇻🇳 #Вerlinstagram_in_Asia #Vietnam

I've been to Hoi An before and liked the atmosphere a lot – so I had to stop here again! 🇻🇳😬🙌 #Вerlinstagram_in_Asia #Vietnam