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Beri Weber  💛 👀 WATCH 👇 "Rabi Shimon" [Official Video]

שבת התוועדות #ישיבת כוכבי אור what a beautiful Shabbos Hisvadus we had this week shabbos parshas. ראה in Livingston Manor NY on the beautiful farm of Rabbi Lankree's Yeshiveh #ישיבת יורה דעה

"Ribon Kol Haolamim" Intensity was in the room!
The crowd at camp rayim last week was zoned in!

Great energy with the great @meilechkohn for the greatest Children in the greatest Camp, Camp Hasc

Nothing s like #singing on one of the mountain tops of #Yerushalaim with a #breathtaking #view of the #old city and the #CityOfDavid and the ‏#מקום המקדש #singing #songs like השקיפה #ותמלוך #ממקומך ‏ Aiming song from the #Center of the world to the #GatesOf heaven ‏בליווי התזמורת הענק של עמירן דביר. surrounded with the most #awesome #people with the #greatest #vibes of #Simcha'sHachiam #thankyouhashem

‏והביאותים אל הר קדשי ושימחתים בבית תפילתי כוחותיה וזב חינם לרצון על מזבחי ״כי ביתי בית תפילה יקרא לכל העמים״
Our #weapon of choice is #Prayer

Walking the #nostalgic streets of #OldCity #Yerusalyim when all the #thoughts #prayers and mentions kick into #life and suddenly you #feel the #longing in the air dripping out of those #holystones

"remember Yaakov Kafka from one heart? His band @simplemansound released their debut EP and are playing some release shows this summer. Check out their music and follow them on Instagram"

Accept the Responsibility!! Believe in yourself!!YOU can change the World!!! A Git Yom Tov!!

🎬🎧So.... About Last night... @lprproject @zushamusic creating good vibes🎶🎹🎸🍷🥃🍻!!! A Git Voch💛

©®LINK IN BIO°¶^ "Rabi Shimon" Official Video!!! There is no better time than today, in honor of Lag Baomer and in honor of Rabi Shimon Bar Yochai to release this clip. BERI and the "Malchus Choir" Chevre in Meiron by the Tzion of Harashbi.
Both those who are there today, and even those who aren't, this clip will give you the essence of what Lag Baomer in Meiron is all about. From the Hadlaka on the roof (Chanuka), the Hisoirirus by the Tzion (Yomim Noraim), and the celebration and dancing in the Chatzer (Simchas Torah), you will surely be inspired!! WATCH n' SHARE v'Lag Baomer Sameach!!!

"רבי שמעון בר יוחי אומר חס ושלום שתשכח תורה מישראל שנאמר כי לא תשכח מפי זרעו"

Excited to be working on a new project with these two greats!! @lelax126 @naftalischnitzler #nmsproductions #lprstudios #cantstopwontstop #sfiravibes

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