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Bergen Khare  Brevard N.C Just given 'er a rip

Went enduring this weekend. First race(and ride) on the new ship. I pulled off 3rd making a large comeback from sitting 10th on Saturday.
PC @iconmediaasheville

This bike goes down hills like a fat kid on a seesaw.
Of course a huge shout out to @thehubpisgah for helping me get this thing rolling. And @plentifulorgans for helping me through the build from the start! Cheers guys!

Hope you've got a plan, catch me if you can.~Kels
PC @iconmediaasheville

Just doin my ting. .
Big photo creds to the one and only

Making appropriate choices #ripmullet

Americas finest. #DesignatedDadlyfe

Unfortunately I was faced with a choice this summer, ride my road bike while building my new trail bike or sit and wait for my trail bike to be rideable.. while I strongly dislike road biking and the atmosphere that surrounds it, I will say I am in incredible shape compared to any other point in my life. This summer has shown me, sometimes you have to do things you don't want, so you can return and improve on the things you love. Beyond ready to be back on my trail bike and beyond ready to give 'er at this season races. Thank you @giantbicycles for the support over the past 2 seasons! #teamlitty

On our way to steal your girl.

"Different line choice"

4th of what?

"Bergen point at the top"~@themanwhogrewyoung #teamlitty

Low is fast
PC @qixxnet

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