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Berenika.  My heart swings back and forth between the need for routine and the urge to run. Currently in: πŸ“Œ Strasbourg Next stop πŸ”œ Paris


So I get back to work last week already after our wonderful trip to Jamaica (was it really one week only?) and I've got completely carried away by work. So I've posted less pictures. But nowz the REAL spring has finally arrived to #strasbourg and it became so beautiful I just can't stop taking pictures πŸ“·

This house is one of my favourite views in whole Strasbourg. Isn't it cute? Additionally it's just near my house, in romantic area of Petite France and you can see the Strasbourg's cathedral from here! What else?

Hello #strasbourg please please be nice to us.
So we got back yesterday at 11 am. After 17h flights, 3 flights, 7h time difference and over 26h of no sleep. Life is fun. We're fighting jet lag with no much success but luckily we're getting back to work only on Monday! This way we can still get used to the weather and don't fell into shock after changing from our paradise life to everyday work tasks πŸ˜‰

5:30 AM. Goodbye Jamaica. I will miss your sky.

This last day in Jamaica seem so strange. I can't imagine it's been already 3 weeks! We had a wonderful trip all around this diverse island full of music and friendly, open people. It was a great, unforgettable experience on so many levels. We love you Jamaica and we surely will be back! #onelove

Throwback to the beautiful views from Rick's Cafe (@rickscafeonline ) in Negril. 🍻

On this last day on beautiful Jamaica, I am coming back to all these wonderful things we saw and done.

When we went on crocodiles spotting, we didn't took the big fancy boat carrying up to 30 tourists and feeding crocodiles chicken just so they would come closer to the picture (which is illegal btw!) We went to the port, near to the fish market, and ask one of the fishermens of he could take us on a tour. It's not even a question of traveling on a budget. It's about helping locals and having the more real experience of how these guys are living side by side with crocodiles every day. This is one of them, working on one of the boats.

We saw this amazing mangrove trees all the way during our crocodiles spotting at the Black River. How beautiful is that?

Hello there πŸ‘‹
The trip is almost coming to an end. We are in Kingston now and heading back home on 4 of April. It will be super strange to get back to cold Strasbourg and start working again! 😬

Happy Easter! So this is how we spend our last few days - it's at @official_pelican_bar that we were watching yesterday's sunset. it's a great bar, located just in the middle of the Caribbean sea! To get there you have to rent a boat and after you can enjoy this beautiful view!

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