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The best thing to do when you're super tired is to just smile and laugh it off.

Finally got to hang out with this youngblood! I was super proud watching you perform last night, even fanboyed a little with the IG stories. Heheh. You belong on the stage little cousin!

I have the perfect Timex piece to compliment my suits and especially my mood! And tonight I'm feeling classy while hosting a beauty pageant! How about you, what does your Timex piece say about you? I can't wait to read your responses! #TimexGottaHaveIt

Everyone in Canada! Please watch Spongecola! If not for their music, for @yaelyraz's perm! Hahag.

I loooooove this suit by !

Channeling Paul with a Paulo Lazaro coat for today's #IHeartDavao plugshoot! Special thanks to our stylist @iamdavidbaky.

For our hearts be sprinkled like ashes from bones. May love guide our souls, and find their way home.

Summer got me like... #IHeartDavao

I'm totally lost for a caption. Help! #iheartdavao

May your birthday, and all your days, be filled with all the desires of your heart, surrounded by the people who desire the world for you. Happy birthday to my beautiful 👑

Feeding the birds here at People's Park! Whoever is in the area, please come chill with us. 😬 #iheartdavao #foreverCHUCK

The hardest part of making chocolate is not drinking the melted chocolate. #iHeartDavao

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