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Last post for a while as we leave to go into the backcountry for 7 nights in Torres Del Paine. Hopefully we get more sunshine like this ☀️! #vacacciones2k17

You mean you've never crossed an international border on a dirt road next to a sheep farm? sad! #Patagonia #vacacciones2k17

Glaciers are neat! #vacacciones2k17

The See-Saw at the End of the World 🌎 #vacacciones2k17

"ice!? As in igloos and eskimos and penguins and ice!?" - Sanka, Cool Runnings. 🇯🇲 #vacacciones2k17

Homies who hike together, eat tuna below a glacier together. That's how the saying goes, right? #vacacciones2k17

That time we made friends and ended up in their music video. #vacacciones2k17

Bonding with my first new friend in Argentina. #Vacacciones2k17

Last pic from Cali for a while -- thanks for a great sendoff sunset, Pacifica! Off to South America with @Matthew.cherchio for all the adventures!!!

Baywatch Season 12: Babes of Sea Bowl 🎳

These feet made it to 28! #bdayselfie

When it rains, it pours🍷🍷