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Ben Vallée 

Hey guys, Ben here. I had a really full day of third wheeling a young couple, here are the highlights.
Thanks for visiting my Instagram post ❤😎

Jirts and jeeps

I don't play the harp

I've pretended to not realize I'm on camera a lot recently

None of our mothers are on Instagram, you're only posting for cheap likes.
Anyways this is a picture of THE GREATEST whatever I don't care. Neither does she. #Mothersday

My sister in her grad dress, she's growing up so fast :,)

Jan 25th-Feb 25th
3 Maple Leafs Games, 1 raptors game, Run the Jewels, Louis CK, Jerry Seinfeld. Not a bad month

"America the beautiful? Not all of it!" *Studio audience erupts in laughter*

This is entrapment

Warning from the Prankmaster General: don't leave your furniture unattended this holiday season

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