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Ben Stiller  UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador @Refugees

Wanted to say Congratulations to one of the unsung heroes of the global refugee crisis: 2018 @refugees #NansenAward winner, Dr Evan Atar Adaha.

Dr Evan Atar Adaha has spent 20 years providing lifesaving medical services to people forced to flee conflict in Africa.
In Bunj, South Sudan, he runs the only functional hospital, serving around 200,000 people, including 144,000 refugees.

Dr. Atar and his team deliver vital care in extremely challenging conditions: the hospital has no general anaesthesia, x-ray machines, operational theatre lighting, or blood bank. Yet their they carry out almost 60 operations per week. Amazing.
His work shows how one person can make a huge difference. "We don't give up, we still have hope”

#Community #WithRefugees #UNHCR

Tune in for the live broadcast October 1st, 19.30 GMTon

Happy Birthday Mom, from your son with way too big hair in the early 90’s... #missyou ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Yes. Me and my friend #KrissRoebling 36 years after we recorded “Roadkill” the debut and also final album of my high school band #CapitalPunishment which never played anywhere but we decided to make a record anyway, and @capturedtracks has decided to re-release it. Actually they are just “re” - leasing it since we never actually “released” it. And no one actually cared. Except our parents who were thrilled and are still waiting to recoup their original investment.


From my @refugees takeover.... A wonderful family I met in Guatemala. They can’t show their faces for fear of being identified by gangs in Salvador that they are fleeing.

Go to @refugees and follow it for my takeover the next two days!!
I’m sharing pictures and stories from my recent trip to Guatemala where I met families Trying to find a better life, and safety from gang violence and persecution... Follow @refugees the UN Refugee Agency instagram... #withrefugees

Just saw this. 10 years ago had one of the best creative experiences ever. So many great memories of shooting on #Kauai... and grateful for an incredible cast...@jackblack @robertdowneyjr Steve Coogan @justintheroux @tomcruise Bill Hader @brandontjackson @mattlevs @valerieazlynn @david_pressman @quicksliders @mrreggielee @stillceej @bsoohoo @Trieu_Tran @McCounaughey @jonathanadamsaundersbaruchel @typaguy @lone_wolf_mcbride Nick Nolte and everyone else who gave their all. Jeff Mann, John Toll, Greg Hayden, Phil Neilson, Kyle Cooper, Marlene Stewart, Mark Cotone, the great Alan Purwin, @Bg_gg, Dave Venghaus... and everyone who got in the mud and and made it out to set everyday... And...all the wonderful people of Kauai who opened up the Island to us and made it so special.

What an incredible bunch of people. 10 years goes fast. So glad we all did it together.
The movie would never have been made if #StevenSpielberg didn’t believe in it. I don’t think anyone else would have made it. #Respect

I love this video by my new friend @yongiyongiyongi who I met in Guatemala. He does amazing work helping refugees.
But he also makes music videos for fun with his Mum and Dad, who I got a chance to meet, and are duck lovely people.

This to me is what family is all about!! #respect

Here’s another story from my recent trip to Guatemala with @refugees.
The People I met there are dealing with problems that are hard to relate to in a lot of our everyday lives. But the human connections are something we all share.
I hope this motivates you in someway to reach out to those in need or just have a slightly deeper understanding of what it means to be a “refugee”. Thanks for checking it out.


#TBTUESDAY To when I discovered @aarontveit way last winter.

This awesome photo is by my friend @michaelmuller7, from our recent trip with @refugees to Guatemala.
Out of focus because we can’t show you their faces. These kids and parents fear retribution from gangs who perpetrate violence and extortion and sexual trafficking in many parts of Central America.
These kids need a voice and understanding and most of all compassion. They flee for their lives and looking for safety.

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