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Ben Stiller  UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador @Refugees

Just saw this. 10 years ago had one of the best creative experiences ever. So many great memories of shooting on #Kauai... and grateful for an incredible cast...@jackblack @robertdowneyjr Steve Coogan @justintheroux @tomcruise Bill Hader @brandontjackson @mattlevs @valerieazlynn @david_pressman @quicksliders @mrreggielee @stillceej @bsoohoo @Trieu_Tran @McCounaughey @jonathanadamsaundersbaruchel @typaguy @lone_wolf_mcbride Nick Nolte and everyone else who gave their all. Jeff Mann, John Toll, Greg Hayden, Phil Neilson, Kyle Cooper, Marlene Stewart, Mark Cotone, the great Alan Purwin, @Bg_gg, Dave Venghaus... and everyone who got in the mud and and made it out to set everyday... And...all the wonderful people of Kauai who opened up the Island to us and made it so special.

What an incredible bunch of people. 10 years goes fast. So glad we all did it together.
The movie would never have been made if #StevenSpielberg didn’t believe in it. I don’t think anyone else would have made it. #Respect

I love this video by my new friend @yongiyongiyongi who I met in Guatemala. He does amazing work helping refugees.
But he also makes music videos for fun with his Mum and Dad, who I got a chance to meet, and are duck lovely people.

This to me is what family is all about!! #respect

Here’s another story from my recent trip to Guatemala with @refugees.
The People I met there are dealing with problems that are hard to relate to in a lot of our everyday lives. But the human connections are something we all share.
I hope this motivates you in someway to reach out to those in need or just have a slightly deeper understanding of what it means to be a “refugee”. Thanks for checking it out.


#TBTUESDAY To when I discovered @aarontveit way last winter.

This awesome photo is by my friend @michaelmuller7, from our recent trip with @refugees to Guatemala.
Out of focus because we can’t show you their faces. These kids and parents fear retribution from gangs who perpetrate violence and extortion and sexual trafficking in many parts of Central America.
These kids need a voice and understanding and most of all compassion. They flee for their lives and looking for safety.

A snippet of an interview with the first family I met in Guatemala on my recent mission with @refugees to Northern Central America . This mother, who’s face we can’t show because she fears retribution from gangs back in El Salvador, was explaining that her sons hair got really long because he was afraid to leave the house to get it cut. Gangs were intimidating him and his father and the whole family. So they had to flee the place they lived all their lives.
@refugees helps them with rent and supplies for a small food stand they run from the same room they sleep in.
The smart, elegant guy translating is James, who works the field in this region.
I’ve met many people working with UNHCR like him who have a huge passion for helping others.

Their work and commitment are really inspiring and the backbone of what @refugees does.


With my good friend and intrepid photographer @michaelmuller7 in Flores, Guatemala.
Michael has been on a bunch of humanitarian missions all over the world and captured some beautiful and moving images of refugees here in Northern Central America, who are on the run from violence.
His heart and soul is in his work and I love hanging out with him.
He’s also an INSANE shark diver!!! #respect

This is Father Paco who runs the shelter in Guatemala in my previous post.
I immediately liked him. He has humility about his work and a wonderful sense of humor.
He had to leave to go perform a mass for for his congregation, many who volunteer at the shelter. He’s from Spain but came here to because he told me he’s “old” and doesn’t want to slow down. He said “I want to die like a tree... standing up”. This is a place where people on the move, fleeing gang violence and unsafe living conditions can stop and rest, have food, get clothing and get information as to how they might seek asylum or get to the best border crossing.

The men I met in this shelter in northern Guatemala all left their families, with nothing but what they could carry, to find a way to a safe place for their children.
@refugees funds the shelter, but an amazing priest named Paco runs it and local residents volunteer their time and donate food. It’s a safe space for men, women, children and the LGBTI refugees who are on the move through Northern Central America- over 450,000 this year.

Our incredible @refugees Guatemala team @michaelmuller7 @sepstein2010 @aaronvilla777 @ffontanini @abeinnewyork @lastmanniko !
What a wonderful crew and special experience. You rock!! #withrefugees

This family had to leave El Salvador with nothing but what they could carry, and in secrecy. They were being extorted by gangs who wanted their home.
They have refugee status in Guatemala. Her son works 29 days a month at a gas station. Her daughter is 15, and went to the top of her class when they arrived here, despite having nothing and knowing no one. @refugees was able to help them by a refrigerator to make and sell food ( a Pupuseria) here in this small village near Flores.
We can’t show their faces because they still fear for their lives. Despite all that they are moving forward and are still together as a family.

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