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Benson Hsu  I cook, take photos and sometimes I'll smoke some tires, too.

Sometimes it's too pretty not to take a photo of. Messing with harissa and white beans for breakfast today

My overly elaborate Sunday dinner cooked in one pan. Roasted chicken with lots of butter over some red potatoes, brussels, and carrots.

Picture of a picture #callistajane

I love to watch these innocent eyes observing and soaking up the new world around her #callistajane

Judging is finished. Now I can just chill out and enjoy the scenery. #finalbout

The many faces of #sabinepeggy

I love me some #sabinepeggy

Playing with film using @driftqueen 's vintage canon ae-1 today. I think I only messed up 1 frame so far haha

Good times! #tbt

Who wants some Italian sausage or mozzarella? Touge R32 GT-R ChoroQ for size comparison