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Benson Boss Cat  Hi, my name is Benson, aka Boss Cat, aka Noisy Boy. I'm a 4 year old Bengal "kitten" who likes food, walks and the sound of my own meow.. 😽

Merry Christmas! πŸŽπŸŽ„

I want to go for a walk outside! NOW!
Sound on πŸ”Š. Mummy is working in her office... scrap that...Mummy is "trying" to work in her office, but I've decided it's walk time. So now begins the "how long will mummy put up with my yowling before she gives up and takes me for a walk, even though she doesn't have time to" game. I bet 2 minutes... 😼😹.
I think this will also make a good entry for the #irulemyhumanslife challenge that my mates @dashandvinnie tagged me in. What do you think? I own her, don't I? 😹😼#bosscat .
Given that ALL cats rule their humans, I think all my cat friends should join this challenge! P.S. because mummy posted in a hurry (I was scratching her because it was WALK TIME😀) she didn't have time to add that @henrysthoughts is hosting this challenge as part of his 400 followers giveaway. You need to make your human go to his page and check it out! I have a sneaking suspicion Henry might win this challenge though... 😹

So my friend @basil_meow wanted to know #whatareyoudoingrightmeow ? I'm actually doing what I pretty much always do: being AWESOME! 😹 so, what are you guys up to right meow? Join in if you wish 😸

#whiskers4manchester #catsagainstterrorism Thanks to my dear friends @lizzy_and_lynet @lifewithelliebengal and @dashandvinnie for inviting to stand with them for this cause

So, my friend @meeko.thebengal asked me to show him my hiding spot... well, this is tricky, because I have hundreds! I guess I shouldn't give them all away, though.. mummy could be reading this! πŸ‘€I personally wouldn't call them hiding spots as such, more concealed lairs, really - places I can stay hidden, for hours, until my unsuspecting victim, aka "mummy", comes within striking distance! I am basically an Anaconda, but better. Mummy calls me "Benaconda".. I like it! 😈😼😹 #hideandseek #showmeyourhidingskills #showmeyourhidingplacechallenge
I have tagged a few friends to join if they like.

My great mates @dashandvinnie tagged me in the #letyourpawdangle competition, and because it's #throwbackthursday, here is a photo of a younger me letting those paws dangle! I have tagged some friends, but all should feel free to join in!

This is Klappa the Seal. He lives on top of the bookshelf - my perch. I HATE him. There is only room for one spotted mammal on this bookshelf! I jump up here, and push him to his death, every, single, day. Every day, he returns, with that same, smug look on his face. Mummy tried to film me murdering him. Pfft! Murder 101, mummy: don't get caught on camera! Amateur πŸ™„πŸ˜ I never touched him... 😼#klappadeservestodie #klappathezombieseal #bensonbosscat

This looks like a good spot to sit and survey my kingdom. #bosscat

OMG, it's Friday night and I have a box! πŸ“¦ you know what that means, friends... #fridaynightboxpawty ! For once I haven't missed it! Mummy felt so bad that I had to go to the vet yesterday for my vaccinations, that she thought she had better make it up to me - so she made me a box, tunnel and #nekofly extravaganza! Scroll through to see what fun I'm having, and please swing by to join in!!!

Who is that delightful looking creature you might ask? And why are you not following her? Two very good questions furriends! This beautiful kitty is my pawsome furriend, Ellie @lifewithelliebengal. Unsurprisingly, Ellie now has 1000 followers! πŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸ‘ In celebration, Ellie is doing a wonderful giveaway #ellie1kmysterybox Please go to her page to check it out for a chance to win, and also to see what a wonderful kitty she is!OoOo... and her Daddy flies these magic fly things called drones.. and her mummy is lovely too! πŸ˜ΈπŸ˜ΈπŸ˜»πŸ‘Œ

So my devastatingly dashing friend Dash @dashandvinnie tagged me in the #showmeyourheadshot challenge, and since it's #thowbackthursday, Mummy wanted me to post my very first #headshot from my early #meowdelling days. What do you think, am I meowdel material? I have tagged some meowdel friends, but please feel free to join the fun! #tbt

Show me your footsies? Sure, here's all four! My cool friend @coolcat_archie tagged me in the #showmeyourtoebeans and #showmeyourfooties challenge - please scroll through to behold my glorious toes!
I have tagged a few lovely furriends, but everyone please feel free to join in!

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