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Bensimon Models and Talent  We are a boutique children’s talent and modeling agency with a truly unique vision toward the bold and Avant-Garde.

@lifeofkourtney is ready for a hula hoop contest! Who’s in?! I think she wins on account of that visor already ;) 🏅🤹🏼‍♀️♥️ | @orchestra_official .
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Nothing says summer like a day at the fair with the girls! @lifeofkourtney in her element for @orchestra_official | @orchestra_usa ♥️🎪🎟
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I get by with a little help from my friends...especially on Mondays! ♥️🙌🏼 | @christianjsheppard | @orchestra_usa | @orchestra_official @kerozeneprod I @verozanettin I 📷 @fcourtitarat I

Refuse to be average and let your heart soar as high as it will! ⚡️ | @orchestra_official | @orchestra_usa | @kerozeneprod I @verozanettin I 📷 @fcourtitarat I @christianjsheppard | #bensimonmodelsandtalent

It’s always a good time for an impromptu dance party! Right @christianjsheppard | @orchestra_usa | @orchestra_official | @kerozeneprod I @verozanettin I 📷 @fcourtitarat #bensimonmodelsandtalent

How did an 11-year-old boy inspire a whole movement? @pobedavika says : “The theme of the disappearance of the Tigers is very close to me. I was born in Siberia, and these creatures always attracted me with their powerful energy and the the beauty..I saw a post on IG of Zac Smith. @thesmithlittles posted a picture golf himself with a banner saying “My dream is to save the Siberian Tiger, and I thought THIS IS IT! It’s so amazing how the dream of an 11 y.o boy can inspire me to try and save Tigers even with a camera. Thank you Zac, for inspiring me!” .
🐅⚡️🐅⚡️🐅⚡️🐅 .
>>>> CREW <<<<
@pobedavika | @styledbyva | @gucci ~ @priscawille | @childrensalon | @fdphotostudio |
Your creative direction was BRILLIANT @pobedavika and we are so glad we got to be a part of it! #bensimonmodelsandtalent

What do you stand for?! ✌🏼🐅🧡@adventureswithavenlie | @thesmithlittles | @jessica_michelle_sis | 📸 @pobedavika

More than just Models! So fiercely in awe of this shoot! It has purpose, passion and the coolest kids representing the cause! This is Zac and he is the source of inspiration behind the photography. Save the tigers! Stay tuned for more on this young mans ambition and make sure check out their IG to see how far he has come already! .
📸 Photography & Art Direction by @pobedavika .
⭐️ Talent @thesmithlittles ✌🏼.
#moretocome #bensimonmodelsandtalent

Oh those baby blues @carter_mase - once again sporting the perfect @filakids headband! We simply can’t get enough of this color on you! 💙 #bensimonmodelsandtalent

What’s one thing @ruepenelope , @_ivory_anne_ and @carter_mase have in common? They all love @filakids - they all love that tasty treat, and they all......<— fill in the blank! ♥️☀️

You can’t buy happiness but you CAN buy ice cream and that’s pretty much the same thing. 🍦| @_ivory_anne_ | ☀️| @filakids | 🍦#bensimonmodelsandtalent

I GUESS you could say we have a dream job, with dream kids at dreamy locations on dreamy days! Our best life is this! ☀️🌱 @guesskids @pobedavika @parischanelmtandmagency gency

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