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Ben Pettingill  Blind professional speaker who inspires people to see without using their eyesight. 👇🏼CHECK OUT MY NEW WEBSITE

Thrilled to be out west with my Ski for Life family to share #LimitlessVision with the students at Narrabri High School today. While we’re tackling those heavy topics of mental health and suicide, we’re also having open conversations about how to overcome those challenging situations that seem impossible. Times are tough out this way thanks to the drought and so it is my honour to be giving something back to help these kids and their families push through as a team by having conversations with people they trust and recognising that they are stronger than they think. We’re also having a lot of laughs, of course. Laughter really is the best medicine!

Right now 100% of New South Wales is in drought and in need. As the @skiforlife.aus ambassador, I’m pumped to be headed north west next week to help the Wee Waa community and its surrounds harness the power of True and Limitless Vision through the tough times. A huge thanks to the Wee Waa Ski for Life Team who have made this all possible. By the looks of it, Aussie is pretty jealous he isn’t coming along too!

If you or anyone you know lives in this area and would like to attend any of the community sessions, tag them in the post and tell them to come and share a drink with me. Can’t wait to meet you all in Wee Waa!

Two things I know for sure are 1. Change and challenge in life is guaranteed and 2. Year 9 girls giggle a lot and laugh at all my jokes, even the terrible ones. It’s great. Thanks for having me Camberwell Girls Grammar School!
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This time last week I was hanging out with some of my favourite real estate agents from the team at @comptongreen. We talked all things Limitless Vision and how they can apply it to their personal and professional lives. Cheers to my mate Adrian who is not only the CEO of Compton Green but also one of the few people who guided me across the Kokoda Track. Being in his company is always a good time!
#limitlessvision #professional #motivation #inspiration #corporate #keynote #speaker

What a great (early...very early) morning spent with the Dandenong Chamber of Commerce. Thanks to Roy on my left and Paul to our right, who are the President and Vice President of this strong chapter, for having Amy and I. Free food and great company is always a winner! #truevision #limitlessvision #professional #corporate #youth #inspiration #motivation #keynote #speaker

Legless and I had a ball supporting @interplastanz at @stadiumstomp today alongside a bunch of great mates and a few thousand strangers. The mighty MCG really turned it on for us! I can see this being an annual thing 🤟🏼 #stadiumstomp #leglessandblind #MCG #challenge

We’ve run away from Victoria to enjoy the Queensland Winter. The view from our pool in Trinity Beach is unreal...but literally for me, it’s not real. Amy tells me what we’re looking at and then I add a little mayo to her descriptions and what I’m looking at is 1000 times better. How good’s that?! #truevision #limitlessvision #blind #view #infinity #pool #holiday

Mike and I spent the day shaking up the way the team at Commonwealth Bank view disability and inclusion. After all, if I put my cane away and Mike throws on some long pants, we look just like the guy on the male toilet door. Great day!
#leglessandblind #professional #corporate #keynote #speaker #duo

The Year 11 students at Geelong Grammar School are on to day 2 of their resilience day. They’re spending the morning with me learning how to see with Limitless Vision so they can find resilience in the toughest or easiest of challenges. Lucky no one needs to lost their eyesight in order to see this way, it’s a mindset you can adopt and apply daily. #LimitlessVision #professional #motivation #inspiration #youth #speaker

On the coldest day of 2018 so far, I’m dreaming of that hot, sunny time Watty convinced me to give barefooting a try. Can’t wait to do this all again at Ski For Life 2019! #water #ski #barefoot #waterski #blind

Hanging out at Echuca College today as a guest speaker for their Wellbeing Focus Day. With the theme of This Is Me, I’m helping about 500 students see with Limitless Vision so they can live life proud of who they are and feel empowered to chase their dreams. I chased and achieved my huge @southern80skirace aspiration here in Echuca so it is always great to be back! #professional #motivation #inspiration #youth #speaker

I had such an epic time travelling with these @ylead legends! I was involved in 6 of their #altitudeday2018 events and loved each and every one of them. I got to meet roughly 1500 students and their teachers across the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide and share Limitless Vision with them which is a dream come true. Thanks for having me guys! The work you do is incredible and it was a privilege to be apart of the action!
#limitlessvision #professional #motivation #inspiration #youth #speaker

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