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Honestly yes, I am angry at Floriana for her decision. I think it's an incredibly selfish move. She knew what Maggie and Sanvers meant to people, she knew what it meant to play a member of a healthy f/f relationship that got a happy ending and one of the people in the relationship didn't fucking die. She knew. If she truly cared about the fans, she would have stayed a series regular, she would have developed Maggie and Sanvers more. I'm sorry, there's no excuse. Now all the eps Maggie will be in will probably be dedicated to writing her out of the show and out of Alex's life, and that hurts. That really hurts. Sanvers fans deserve better, the LGBTQ+ community deserve better. Even if they do try to develop Maggie and Sanvers more, it'll be too late. If she's only going to be recurring this season, that means she probably won't even be IN the show if s4 happens. As somebody who's shipped Sanvers from the day it was announced Maggie was going to be on the show, I feel hurt. I feel betrayed

So based on Floriana's logic, every single actor on a TV Show who's done other projects while still on that show should have just become a recurring character before leaving the show all together. NAH FAM THAT ISN'T HOW THAT SHIT WORKS

I can't believe these are the only 3 main actresses on Supergirl :((( ghey should really add a 4th one. Preferably one WHO WON'T BASICALLY DITCH THE SHOW AFTER ONE SEASON TO PERSUE OTHER PROJECTS

Floriana *announces she'll be leaving after s3 to persue other projects*

Chyler: well fuck you too, I'm still shipping Sanvers till the end of time because Sanvers is endgame #truedat

IDK a Floured Limabeans, who is she??

*Floriana announces she's not going to be a regular on Supergirl s3 and will be leaving after s3 ends*


Sorry I've been so MIA guys :((((( I'll be MIA next week cause I'll be getting caught up on/finishing the current seasons of The Flash, AoS, Supergirl and iZombie, but then I will be back!!

Me while listening to After Laughter

Basically what I'm tryin to say guys is that After Laughter by Paramore is a fucking MASTERPIECE, and it's already one of my favorite albums of all time after only listening to it once. Every song on this album is the best song on the album, idk how that's POSSIBLE.

So a few weeks ago, I shared with you some artists and bands you probably hadn't heard of that you nedded to listen to. This time, I wanna talk about my favorite albums, which are, in no particular order (except for my favorite album of all time) • Speak Now- Taylor Swift
• RED- Taylor Swift
•Canyonlands- Kate Voegele
•brand new eyes- Paramore
• and my favorite album of all time, The Blessed Unrest- Sara Bareilles

Or at least I thought those were my favorite albums. But in the last 24 hours, a new album has joined those ranks, and if you've been following my account and know what albums just came out, you probably already know what it is but if you don't...

So I don't talk enough about music on here, I've already complained about that, you know I wanna start talking about music more on here, so let's talk about music.

The holy trinity of being 10000% done with your shit

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