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Ben Moon  Art is life. Life is art.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, binary and non binary alike, presenting my side project, the RetrOmega, the definitive retro gaming station!!! And just in time for Christmas! I poured my heart and soul into making the very best retro gaming console on the market, and here it is! 12,000 games from all your favourite consoles, together under one roof. Compatible with Bluetooth controllers, the RetrOmega is THE definitive retro gaming station!!!


Building concept for my next piece.

LEDance is a hit! Come check it out in Kensington!

Laying bricks for my next piece.

Not a fan of hanging myself over 30 foot ledges. 0/10 would not hang again.

For my next trick, I'll try to hang these off the side of this roof and then somehow wire them together...

Final test before install of LEDance

LEDance is coming together!

Creating my army

I'm gonna have to put a seizure warning on the final piece, because these things are intense when the music gets going.

Business meeting with the guys at Heavy Industries. They're who an artist works with to produce large scale public art, like the wire head in front of the Bow Building.

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