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New York City, NY | April 18, 2017
Room with a view.
@sonyalpha put me up in a shwanky hotel last night in order to help launch the new Sony #a9 this morning.
#onassignment #reportage #roomwithaview #sonyalpha

April 2017 | The cover with @tonyrobbins is out! He was awesome to shoot and travel with! Special thanks to @billybeck3 and @mjdiehl
Shot #onassignment for @moneymag obviously!
W/ @sonyalpha A7rII

A parenting lesson from @bonetiredmama that I will definitely remember: "Ma, why does that boy have makeup on?" Mateo tugged at my sleeve after silently watching @callmerichiev help me at the M.A.C. counter. "I guess because he wants to?" I said, realizing that the inflection at the end of that sentence sounded like it lacked conviction. Mateo noticed it too and gave me another puzzled look.
More questions, followed by more unsatisfactory answers.
That probing stare, still confused... A few minutes passed when I thought, I could either let this one go and explain this to him when he's older (he's only 7 after all), or I could try a simple, honest approach. But then again, is it really my place to explain this stranger's identity to Mateo?

Self doubt.
I scanned the space past the lipsticks and mascaras, hoping to catch his attention. Would he be offended? Would I be completely out of line? Would he stop me at half sentence and assume I was judging him? Does he even identify as "he"? The tentativeness kept building till it dawned on me, "My God, this isn't complicated!" So I approached him. "I know that it's my job to explain this to him, I'm the parent after all, but I don't want to speak for you, so I was hoping you could help me with his question," was how I ended my breathless, eternal ramble.
Not an original idea I take credit for, of course. I remember reading on some parenting blog about another mom's response to a similar situation. Or was it a Facebook post? Nevertheless, tip noted. "You know they normally just shush their kids or run away when that happens. Bring him over!" he graciously offered, seeming pleasantly surprised.

Mateo of course melted in my arms, blushing, probably wishing he had never said anything. "Well for one, it's my job. And two, I like wearing makeup." By the time he concluded with, "So you shouldn't be afraid of what others think and do your own thing," Mateo had already zoned out, already satisfied with the first line. "Oh, but are you a boy or a girl?" he turned back. "Both," Rich said nonchalantly. "Okay," shrugged Mateo, not in the least bit confused this time. "Thank you for answering my question."

Somewhere over VA | April 8, 2017
In the air heading home for a few hours.
#aerial #onassignment #reportage #wildblueyonder

Norfolk, VA | April 6, 2017
Into the storm.
#aerial #onassignment #reportage #wildblueyonder

Maplewood, NJ | April 4, 2017
Spud in the rain... Since his brother's death, Spud vacillates between being tired and depressed and excitable and full of energy.
#pet #homeiswheretheheartis #maplewood

Philadelphia, PA| April 1, 2017
People actually still read from physical books. At least on Amtrak trains.
#streetphotography #lightandshadow #reportage #onthetrain #readingabook

San Francisco, CA | March 2017
Exercise in hotel-lobby-waiting patience.
#onassignment #reportage #streetphotography #silhouette

New York City, NY | April 2, 2017
That kind of day. Reflecting. Reflective. Kind of an architectural take on the Zoolander "who am I?" #newyorkcity #reflection #buildingscape

Union, NJ | April 1, 2017
Sign of the times or April fools? Or both?
#oiy #fakenews #fakesigns #reportage #cnn

Silver Spring, MD | March31, 2017
Commuting in the rain after a quick stop @discoverychannel now on my way back home... #commuting #metro #waitingaround #silverspring

Washington DC | March 30, 2017
Vulture over Washington. Not trying to make a statement or anything. :)
This guy just settled on the window sill of my hotel room for a quick photoshoot.
#washingtondc #vulture #onassignment #aerial

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