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Benjamin Lowy  Dad, Husband, Photographer, Diver, Sony Artisan, mostly a funny person. 👇🏻New Podcast is here! 👇🏻

US Virgin Islands | August 2018
Thousands of fish swarm around me during a night dive in Yawzi Point Bay. This sequence was shot #onassignment for the @nytmag #voyages issue. We were trying to capture the concept of the coral sound-scape, recording the interaction of life and ecosystem sounds in a place that most people don’t think has any audible texture.

US Virgin Islands | August 2018
#onassignment for the @nytmag and the #voyages issue. The theme this year was sound. And my exploration was the sound of the coral-scape and the sound of fish in this underwater world.
Interestingly enough sound travels incredibly far in water, though we humans can’t tend to hear it all, and photography - a visual medium - negates sound. How to resolve this seemingly contradictory representation?

Head over to the Magazine website to hear the audio soundtrack of coral sound.
#bealpha #underwaterphotography #usvirginislands

Isla Guadalupe, Mexico | July 2018
“Hey Yo! I’m swimming here!!!” Big non-shark project coming out this weekend! Stay tuned!

@lowylacar #bealpha

@bonetiredmama and I have a new podcast! Shortened intro is here - link in profile to the first podcast episode dealing with a tough question we tried to answer.
@marvilacar and I have been struggling - like everyone does - with the nuances of marriage and parenthood. All of us bring our own baggage to our relationships with our spouses, with our kids, with our work. On top of that, we have a vocation that takes us away and introduces us to a wide world filled with wonder, and unfortunately trauma. We all make lots of mistakes, so how can we do better? How can we be better parents? Better friends? Better spouses? Better people?

We decided to go one step further and crowdsource parenting. To make a platform that highlights the innocent and complicated questions our young children ask, along with how we as parents can answer them truthfully without terrifying them.

Some of their questions are funny;
"Is a vagina a penis with a pocket?" Some are terrifyingly real and current;
"Is Donald Trump going to take Mommy, because she is an immigrant?" We asked friends and specialists (depending on the topic) to join us on the show and figure out how we can help our children and in turn help communication.

By answering their questions we can hopefully help mold them into better people and help ourselves become better parents and individuals.

The first episode of the podcast deals with the child and family separation at the US/Mexican border and how best to talk to young kids about these realities.
We hope to continue recording these episodes dealing with the many topical issues that pop up on our kid's radar.

Special thanks to @hannahhrakinn @aluminumnickelcalcium @andreawise_ @tabenigno @abbysher

Isla Guadalupe, Mexico | July 2018
Open wide and hope for the best.
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Maplewood, NJ | September 16, 2018
Mornings at home for half a second.
Not sure why KK is sleeping in the window. At least the Noodle is sitting on the coach... Anyone else’s kids sleep in weird positions?

#homeiswheretheheartis #family #son #daschund #bealpha

Blackstone Bay, Alaska | September 13, 2018
There is nothing quite like being next to a tidewater glacier. The ice touching the sea, the snapping sounds of history and time melting, the massive walls towering over everything. It makes you feel small and part of something amazingly large at the same time.
At one point @bonetiredmama and I put our cameras down and just had to behold.
And that’s important. Sometimes we need to put down the camera and experience grandeur with our own eyes. (After you get the shot)

Awesome experience made all the better with friends from @profotousa @profotoglobal and @sonyalpha #bealpha #profotob10 #powerofsmall

The @profotousa image that didn’t win last night - came from this super lame group 🤪
We all know we are the real winners here! There are even two of us!

#powerofsmall #unleashedinalaska #profotob10 #bealpha
@pketron @michelleturnerphoto @salleephotography @briantausend

Once upon a time in Alaska on assignment testing the new #profotob10 there was a mad prince betrothed to an enchanting lady in yellow. Things did not go as planned... Executed with my partner in crime and photography @bonetiredmama

@profotousa @profotoglobal #unleashedinalaska #powerofsmall
#bealpha @sonyalpha @marvilacar

Dubai, UAE | August 2018
Teeth for days.
#bealpha @sonyalpha

Isla Guadalupe, Mexico | July 2018
Black and White shark.
No shades of Grey. Raw Nature.
Eat and survive. Swim or die.
#bealpha @sonyalpha

Isla Guadalupe, Mexico | July 2018
Trying something experimental.

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