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New York City, NY | August 15, 2017
Bit of a mixed message.
At a protest in front of Trump Tower.
What a day...
#resist #charlottesville

Maplewood, NJ | August 13, 2017
Vigil. #charlottesville
A community that comes together can, will, and needs to overcome.

Fuck Nazis. Fuck political platitudes. Fuck the moral equivalence between protesters and counter-protesters. Fuck the debates over terrorism and domestic violence.
My Grandmother witnessed the execution of her first husband and infant son in a small Polish town. I stood in the gas chamber where half my family was executed. I've stood in mass graves on two different continents. I'm tired of fucking platitudes. I'm tired of my best friends afraid for the future of their children. I'm tired of parents teaching their kids to carry wallets in their front pockets. I'm afraid to explain to my mixed raced kids that everything that makes them unique can be used as an excuse to hate them. I'm fucking tired of making an excuse that punching a nazi or a racist in the face isn't right. I'm tired of people saying that America is the greatest county on earth.
It isn't. Not by far.
I'm tired of militia members walking the streets with guns dressed up in military costumes. I'm tired of people thinking that's ok. I'm tired of pointing out the irony of them wearing kafias under their body armor.
I'm tired of conservatives thinking that BLM is a racist group because it's a group of people standing up for themselves. I'm tired of them hating and dismissing everything for POWER. Because they know deep down they are dirty and fucking guilty and scared of everything that isn't them.
I'm too fucking tired to even make this rant sensical.
But I'll never be tired enough to stop fighting these fuckers.

Canal Street Walkscape.
In progress. If interested in the #walkscape project check out @walkscapes_by_ben
#walkscapes #nyc #conceptualart

New York City, NY | August 10, 2017
Back to seeing light.
#nyc #streetphotography #documentary #shadowandlight

New York City, NY | August 9, 2017
A reflection on things.
#notaplotagraph #streetphotography #nyc

The City is alive!
Some more attempts at marrying @plotagraphpro and #streetphotography

Subway #plotagraph not sure if this totally works. But I'm trying.
@plotagraphpro #nyc #subway #streetphotography

Rainy day in NYC. Still loving @plotagraphpro trying to use it with street photography. We will see how that goes...

Some Southern Hemisphere waves. Back from my trip in Tasmania.
#plotagraph @plotagraphpro #waves #tasmania

Apo Island | Sea Turtle "Legacy" is still up and hanging in @sonysquarenyc for another 2 weeks!
@plotagraphpro @sonyalpha @marvilacar #underwaterphotography #apoisland

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