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Ben Reali 

Feeling Antsy 🐜..
#Streetart #urbanart #graffitti

Fly my pretty (insert butterfly emoji here).
#butterfly #hairart #hairgraffiti

Today we bid farewell to a great man. A new found member to our legion of brothers.. Thankyou for stepping into our world and shaking shit up for the better. You'll forever be in our hearts. Te amo mucho guapo ❤️

F*** me I'm framous.

•♠️♥️• We're the guards, the guards of cards. Of cardboard arms of spades and hearts. Don't be fooled we dont wield darts, they're spears they're strong they're extra sharp. What we keep you shall not know, for passing us is not a go. Feeling brave? Well just you wait. Come try your luck, We'll deal your fate.💀 #aliceinwildwood

Hazah! ✨.. Mi lady and I with our finishing pose. We came in at 2nd in this years Ballet dance finals unfortunately. Looks like a 1st if you ask me! Bravo babe, next one is ours x

🌼Fresha' than ya toilet spray🌼

•SMC Class of 2007•... Happy 10 years reunion!! 🎉

I'll be here if you need me 💀✂️...

📞"Hello??.. Yeh nah sorry kids, Captain Planet's on holidays... Yeh just chuck on those f**ken rings right, and do your bit whilst I'm gone... Look, God knows.. Hey!! Stop busting my balls alright!! I'll be back when I'm back!!.."... **line drops** ...
#captainplanet #hesoursaviour #hesthegreatestsuperheroraver

BUBBLE-TRUBBLE!! PEW-PEW!! 👉🏼💦 #moomba #bubbles #pewpewmotherfucker #deathbybubbles

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