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タマキオリバー  your favourite 21 year old teen

🔮💜 hauttest fam on the block 🔮💜 who wants to be adopted? 🌹🌶🍫💄🍷💃🏻🍒 #hautechocolatebrooklyn #virtuoushedonism

moi for hcb 💋 by talent bae @may_raptor ♡♡



me ft. huge floral tiddies up to my neck 🌸💔 thanks @itsukomckinney いっちゃん for painting on me and thank u for painting me @hideout.of.ann ひとみちゃん 💛

reminiscing about the day i escaped the womb. best decision ever

thru fluctuation of breaking and healing, i learnt to adore my vulnerability/rawness + cherish my natural self! 🐘💄 for the first time in my life i enjoyed solitude and discovered the pleasure of being unapologetic. each day it got clearer that perspective is everything. how you choose to see things and how you treat others. most importantly though, i was lucky enough to make many many long lasting friendships through honest/rich conversations. thank you thank you thank you all for being so open and understanding, warming my world with your softness, sharing a chunk of your heart, and for outpouring your love! each one of you have uniquely impacted me and i will always hold that close to my heart. 2018 will be lit and warm wherever i go because i will FLOURISH. i will take risks. i will assassinate my bad habits. i will try my hardest to give back the love and kindness i receive. 🙏🏼✨ I WILL BE YOUR BESTEST RADIANT FORCE. BET. can’t wait for everyone to fall in love with me harder i’m literally unstoppable lol, overjoyed and pumped. 2018 !!!! 🍯🌦🐝💙🌻 #新年

this exhibition was UH MAZE BALLS . studying Ways of Seeing (john berger, 1972) in class has changed my perspective on media / art and, well.. how i see things lols.. walking through the gallery with a little bit of knowledge i stole from my teacher and closely examining each piece / information was so gewd.. knowledge is power! knowledge is cute! nothing but respect for our legendary art daddy 北斎 💕💕💕💕 his art and dedication changed the 🌎. i am so deeply moved. YES! 円と真己子とサイモン


living my juicy cabbage lyf in a room full of 🍵!! (also if u do this i hate u)


💙💙 coconut love 💙💙

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