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Boas, Boardgames & Barbells  UK, Boa breeder, tabletop game player, avid shooter, jerky maker and born again lifter of weights. Link to my YouTube 👇🏻

A perfect Valentine’s Day ending - an email from @garphillgames Many thanks Shem for the update and looking forward to receiving this little package in the post sometime soon. More game play and also more excellent art by The Grand Balkan Wizard of Art... The Mico, aka, Txe mico, aka, Mihajlo Dimitrievski! @txemico #raidersofthenorthsea #architectsofthewestkingdom #garphillgames #themico #txemico #shemphillips.

@ben_2k6 on the 30yrd indoor range, Teesside target sports. Got to love a bit of .22LR plinking. #22lr #22lrrifle

Ben on the 16s. He’s worked up over the past few weeks from 5 sets of 5-6 reps to 10-12 reps a set. He did try the 18s today and managed a set of 7. Certainly seen an improvement over this, his fist gym year. #bentarmpullover #bentarmdumbbellpullover #💪🏻#kidsthatlift

4th set, 48kg bent arm dumbbell pullovers. Moved up from 44s a couple weeks back and now worked up from 5-8 reps a set to 10-12. 5th set I hit the 12 reps. Looks like I’ll be in the 50s pretty soon. 💪🏻 love this exercise, so many miss it out. Hits the chest, back and arms. Superb! #bentarmpullover #bentarmdumbbellpullover #💪🏻

First game of Architects of the West Kingdom. 3 players, I came second. Scores: 49/46/42.
Very close game. It took a good while reading through the rules and watching a learn through on YouTube and even then at the start it was hard to know which building cards to keep, if to go for resources first or maybe something else. There’s a lot of symbols to remember but by the end everything seem to have clicked into place. It will be good to get this to the table a few more times to get a good feel of the game. Not something I think the parents will pick up easily compared to Raiders of the North Sea. #architectsofthewestkingdom

Newt with his unintentional manga hair. 😂 He’s becoming so grown up. Love him loads. Xx
#3rd #no3 #newt

Feeling annoyed with myself. I felt fine before the gym and was rather looking forward to the session, only to find I struggled with my usual weights! The 38kgs felt heavy as hell, struggling to push half the usual reps each set. Maybe I was tired or arms were tired from the heavy sessions I’ve been doing the past few weeks. Lowered wight and carried on. #gymtime.

This is a female 2013 CA motley boa from a litter I produced. You can see she’s rather odd and has these orange/red patches all over her. She isn’t hypo. I repeated the pairing in 2014 and two of the babies started to turn red like she did. It wasn’t noticeable at birth and they were all dark like typical CA motleys. Last season I bred her but sadly had only two live babies, some dead and a number of slugs. I’ll try again in a year or so. It will be interesting to see if either baby gains red as they grow. #camotley #camotleyboa #redmotley #benjaminboaz

Good session today:
OHP: 40kg x15, 50kg x10, 60kg x6, 65kg x3, 70kg x2, 75kg x1, 75kg x1, 76kg fail, 60kg x3, 60kg x5
Tri dumbbell kickback super set with same weight Dumbbell hammer curls for same reps: 20kg x10, 22kg x10, 22kg x12, 22kg x12
Arnold dumbbell press:
22kg x10, 22kg x10, 22kg x12, 22kg x12, 22kg x12
Bent arm dumbbell pull over:
44kg x10, 44kg x8, 44kg x10
Cable cross over: 10kg x20, 10kg x25, 10kg x30, 10kg x30, 10kg x30
Dumbbell bicep curl 8kg x10 reps 3 sets
Leaning side lat raise 5kg x 3 sets to failure each time.
#workout #workthatbody #upperbodyworkout #hitthoseweights #pump #feelthepump

OHP 40kg x15, 50 x10, 60 x6, 65 x3, 70 x2 & 75 x1, 76 x fail, 60 x3, 60kg x6.
Bit of a leg bounce on those 70-75kg lifts. #overheadpress #ohp

Rare thing.... an empty gym. Wish my mind was like it though. Can’t seem to stop overthinking about nothing, constantly restless today and struggling to concentrate on the weights. 😢will be glad to get to work later to fill my mind with something.

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