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Mmmm donut

whoever dented my car and didn't leave a note, thanks for giving me the opportunity to learn paintless dent removal techniques.

sic k of all the kids bulying me for not having a cool phonne well I got the new prixel phone lets see whos the buly now

I've flown a plane, how many people can say that?! thanks for taking me up @blakeloth

eBay rooflip and bootlip on πŸ€™πŸ€™


I caught a birb

Hand prosthetics have come a long way since their conception, and in some cases, outperform the abilities of a regular human hand. This is not one of those prosthetics.
#prostethic #hand #dailystruggles

getting older is cool because u can play with Lego and u don't ever have to pack it up even if mum says to



There's been reports of flying bat-tigers in the area.
While some have suggested that these bat-tigers are nothing more than a farce constructed of novelty Christmas cracker trinkets,
I for one, welcome our new bat-tiger overlords.

It's 2017 my friends
#android #carputer #V35 #skyline

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