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Benify  A culture to thrive in! 💫Get a glimpse of the insides of a fast growing global HR tech company HQ'd in Stockholm. The host this week: Tess Buskas ⚖️

The legal team usually ends the week with a wrap-up meeting together with the HR crew, where everyone shares three achievements from the past week. This is a great way of knowledge sharing, the best mean to start the weekend and the perfect excuse to have a cinnamon bun. Or two. 😋 Thanks for following me this week! Have an amazing weekend! #benify #fika #showlove #thinkahead #exceedexpectations

Meet our new VP Lars Rydtzander! Just outside our CEO's office, we have a few cardio machines for those of us who wants to do some exercise while having a meeting, or just hanging out. A great way to get to know your colleagues, blow off steam, get energized, or to brag about yourself on Instagram. 😆 #benify #workout #beach2018

Tea time! Though I'm addicted to my morning coffee, I usually prefer a big cup of warming green tea. ☕️ And thanks to our wonderful office managers, there's always several great options of gourmet loose tea to ensure that there’s a perfect cup of tea for every moment! #benify #benefits #tea #leavesoverbeans

Throwback to a quick dinner break in the Benify Spring Conference 2017 in Chantilly, France. As evident from the video, the theme for this year's masquerade banquet was superheroes. So we all showed off our secret identities for one night of festivities! 💃#benify #conference #tbt #thestuffoflegends

Head of Benefits @viktorhakansson_ embodies our core value #showlove by taking a tour of the office serving everyone delicious Benify gingerbread cookies! 😋 #benify #cookies #yummy #christmasinaugust

Welcome to Justice League HQ! This office is the base of the legal team. On the other side of my desk is a couple of colleagues with my boss, friend and allied, general counsel Charlotte Törnberg, engaged discussions on how to #exceedexpectations and #thinkahead regarding our HR platform for a new client. 💫

After an intense brainstorming session with a lot of creative ideas, thoughts and discussions, I prefer to unwind by myself in order to digest all input. Today, I'll do do this by grabbing a good office book and enjoying some Danish sweets! 📚 This volume by Covey is highly recommended by our CEO and will thus be my quick guide to self-improvement while savouring the sugar rush. #benify #pause #motivation #humanpotentialislimitless

Teamwork makes the dream work! As a legal counsel, almost all matters include teamwork since most matters are initiated by a colleague stopping by or sending an email starting with the magic words "I've been thinking about something, and I need your counsel." 🤔 Today, the teamwork topic is improving our agreement structure and how to #exceedexpectations of our awesome Danish suppliers. #benify #teamwork #synergy #magicinthemaking

Did you know that our Denmark office is located in the heart of Copenhagen in lovely New Port? ⛵️So, after a long and productive day of being #greatatwork, you're in the middle of the city magic as soon as you step out of the office! #benify #copenhagen #thesunisshining #worklifebalance

On my way to our office in Copenhagen! ✈️ The legal team usually don't need to travel. We can discuss, negotiate and counsel most matters via Skype, phone and email. But when it's needed, we're glad to travel and get the chance to #showlove to our amazing colleagues, clients and suppliers around the globe! 🌍 #benify #outandabout #comeflywithme #denmarkhereicome

A normal business day at Benify is very social. It usually includes a couple of scheduled meetings, some phone calls, a few hours in front of the computer and a lot of fun! But when I need to focus on a particular matter, I turn up the volume on my music, gulp down my coffee and get down to business. 💻 #benify #coffee #music #focusandconquer

Lunch in the grass! 🌷 Benify HQ is located in Garnisonen, a building with a courtyard which is perfect for a sunny lunch with great colleagues. In order to #thinkahead, one must also think about food! ☝️ #benify #lawyerwisdom #sunnyday #lunchinthepark

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