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I want to put this on a wall in my next house.

Who else went? And who wants to plug me with the toys that sold out too fast?

I'm calling it the best milkshake in Los Angeles. @mvoltaggio #thehundredsishungry

Thank you for always smiling. RIP RSWD Jimmy.

Meet me at The Hundreds.

My favorite kitchen in LA.

Thank you to everyone who came out last night. One of the best nights in #RSWD history. #thehundredsishuge #RSWD10

Still here. #RSWD10

I wanted to write a long, heart felt letter to our first shop but then I remembered I'm not Bobby. Instead, I'm just gonna say thank you to anyone who has ever walked into this shop and supported the #RSWD way of life. Cheers to another 10 years on Rosewood. #thehundredsishuge