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Ben Harclerode  Probably loving @krissymaecagney and petting @erniezefrench

And now onto a nice picture of my caveman face and the girl that I love more than anything, ms. @krissy_mae. This was from our trip to Cape Town in January. A truly amazing place that I would recommend anybody to go check out. She takes all the good pics and I usually don't even know they exist until she posts them. I really like this photo of us so here it is. Hi.

Behold! A bromance in its truest form! Great hangs with my salty old man friends in @allthatremains last night, but always even better seeing one of best my palz @bubbleisforever

Good morning from @krissy_mae, the doggos and me

I set things up a leeeeetle different last night. Haven't played an "over the kick" tom config in probably 10 years. Notice the 16" @zildjiancompany k light hi hats πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Leave it to @ryface to capture some of the dopest photos you can find. This is what I get to call home now.
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Finally got the shot I've been wanting to get every time the full moon comes around. #Reno

When Steve Davis does Vietnam...

I would trade my skills on the drums to be able to sing like this son of a bitch any day.

I am Benhar #Repost @fajarmarbury with @repostapp
Benhar of White Chapel at Hammersonic Festival 2017.
Photo for @hammersonicfest

Still trying to figure out how I landed such a babe. Asia has been amazing and eye opening, but traveling without this girl just feels weird, man. See you in a couple (around 48?) hours @krissy_mae 😍😍. Also Keaton is pretty good looking too

Wait.... I'm in Vietnam right now??? Good work @pasteurstreetbrewing. Very impresssed!

When in Beijing......

Small crowd in china the other night. It's crazy how eating 8 calories a day and playing 50 minute cardio sets for a week will magically give you abs. πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

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