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Ben Harclerode  Probably loving @krissymaecagney and petting @erniezefrench. Part bossman at @flagshipmerch The saw is a law which I no longer abide by

Not sure what Keaton Boi is doing with his paws here but I enjoy it.

I sure love the hell out of this girl. Now I wish she'd come to bed because it's 9:45 and I'm 85 and it's my bedtime. Happy Valentine's Day babeh. You're my shit.

If you told me 5 years ago that I'd be saying this I'd tell you that you were out of your mind, but I love my strange little Reno town. Seriously man. This place is so weird and quirky and has so much hidden character and history. After living here for a while and not just parking the bus in a shitty alley behind the knitting factory, I totally get all those Johnny Cash references about Reno. This place is fucking sweet. Weird as hell but that's perfect for me. I may be a little weird myself. It's always felt right out here but let's be real @krissymaecagney may have had something (99.89768%) to do with it. So I asked her to marry me, she said yes, and now I get to continue to build a life out here with my best friend. Thus the missing pieces for young Benjamin were found. (Exit third person English accent) A place that feels right, as well as a person that feels like home. My person. For the first time in a really long time, I'm actually home and it feels every bit as good as I'd hoped it would. O'Doyle Rules.

Currently having the best time in the best place with my best friend.

Somehow I just convinced this smoke show to let me wife her up! Score!!! Love you times infinity @krissymaecagney #Repost @krissymaecagney with @repostapp
KMC is going to be KMH soon, y’all 💎 @benharclerode

TOMORROW! 8AM! @doughnutsanddeadlifts releases the BLK&TAN collection. This is huge for the company as this is the first cohesive collection that we all collectively put together, and just as big of a deal to me personally because THIS IS THE FIRST FULL DNDL RELEASE PRINTED 100% IN HOUSE!! This has been the goal since I left Whitechapel back in May and it's finally coming to fruition. After months and months of nonstop research, trial and error, a couple of good days and a whole lot of pull your hair out of your head, screaming at the top of your lungs, repeatedly slamming your penis in an 8" thick encyclopedia kind of bad days, I finally got it down and there you have it. A small Merch mountain. 2000+ pieces all printed with my two hands at DNDL HQ. Now don't get me wrong. Even though I was the one who actually pushed the squeegee for each piece, the amount of manual labor that goes into this beyond just putting ink on shirts is astronomical. It would have never been possible for me without our amazing crew at @doughnutsanddeadlifts and @flagshipmerch all coming together and making it happen. Everybody including boss lady @krissymaecagney. That's right man. She was down there loading pallets with me until later in the night than most reasonable people would stay at work, and I can't tell you how incredible it feels to create something like this with the love of my life for a company that I believe in and care about as if it were my own. So that's it folks. If you feel so inclined, head over to @doughnutsanddeadlifts website tomorrow to check out what I've been doing with my life the last couple months and maybe even pick up one of the many pieces of gear that I poured my heart, soul, blood, sweat, tears (or any other object that describe passion, dedication and hard work) into!

This small mountain is right behind the house, so today Carl and I decided to drive right up the side of that son of a bitch. We also lit off a couple 410 shells out of a revolver because why not. Reno is cool, man. PS hey @krissymaecagney thanks for existing, loving me and living in such a rad place. Now come home pleez.

@krissy_mae has been saying for months that @erniezefrench is part koala. I call him a koala pig. On the left is @nopantslachance demonstrating the koala pig theory. On the right is some rando from the interwebz in the quintessential "hey I'm in Straya" pose with a real koala for comparison.

If anybody is interested in what I've been up to since I parted ways with the band, go check out @flagshipmerch. This is me and @krissy_mae 's new Merch company we just started up and has been my main focus in life at the moment. Follow us to see what we can print for you!

Pretty much the best photo ever taken of Tubbs. Thanks for this one @emimraule

The Goat holding the Pig and a couple of my best friends
#Repost @bubbleisforever with @repostapp
Greatest picture of all time with the greatest of all time. @eddycoan @benharclerode @krissymaecagney @doughnutsanddeadlifts

Just a picture of me staring down @krissy_mae like the hot piece of lady meat that she is. Pretty standard. 📷: @ericalivoti

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