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“Lazarus, wake up! Take this coffee & taco so that you may live” -John 11:1-44

River life...

As a big fan of West World series on HBO, I was happy to wait in line for over 4 hours on the opening day to have a chance to experience a "real world" park in the flesh. Beyond the free Whiskey cocktails at the Salon, there is an amazing theatrical play happening all around you. As you explore the town and get to know the characters, you fall deeper down the rabbit hole to unravel the the thread that connects the inhabitants.

Needless to say it was one of the coolest things I got to experience during 2018's SXSW Interactive festival. I can't wait for the new season airing on April 22nd! The last photo in the series will give you some clues as to the direction that the story line is headed! Kon'nichiwa to sayōnara! #sxsw #sxsw2018 #westworld #sxswinteractive #austin #texas

Life time achievement unlocked! Elon Musk dropped by #sxsw2018 and I had a chance to photograph him during is talk on his wild vision of the future!

On top of the world.

Make it snow...

Party like it’s 1992. You guys heard about this new network technology called the Internet... it’s a decentralized peer to peer network... it’s the future.

To cool for school...

Looking might fine.

Meet the talk of the town @corgiconqueso

The man and his dog... a day in the life of @notgeoffduncan in #crestedbutte

Last night @notgeoffduncan and I strapped on some snow shoes and hiked up the mountain to photograph the full moon overlooking #crestedbutte in #colorado in collaboration with @skicrestedbutte #mountains #mysterylights

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