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What’s your sport routine? “I don’t have one. My only exercise is sex and dancing. But never at the same time” @voguehommes #olivierlalanne 📸 @markrkean #athome

Do you have any fashion taboos? “It’s a long list but number one has to be wearing no socks with shoes. Totally unacceptable” @voguehommes #olivierlalanne 📸 @markrkean #shujiterayama #athome

What is your definition of chic? “An effortless style. But it’s not just about what you’re wearing, it’s about style in everything you do. Discretion, manners, how you move and hold yourself: they’re as chic as a beautifully cut pair of trousers. Chic is a way of being” @voguehommes #olivierlalanne 📸 @markrkean #athome

What’s your guiding principle? “Clothes do not maketh the man. It’s so true: it’s no good dressing well and looking good, and then being thoughtless or unkind. I believe in looking your best and behaving your best with people - that’s true style” @voguehommes #olivierlalanne 📸 @markrkean #athome

Who are your style icons? “Helmut Berger, Pier Paolo Pasolini and Yves Saint Laurent: they’re the holy trinity of style for me” Thank you @voguehommes and #olivierlalanne for the 6-page profile 📸 @markrkean #athome

SUNDAY BEST 🎀 #patricklichfield #mrfish #1971 #lfw

INSIDE AnOther 🌙 “The dancers we worked with in Suspiria were so in touch with their bodies; as a woman that’s a very beautiful thing to see. So often today we’re caught up in social media, where everyone is flashing themselves and trying to look beautiful, skinny and whatever but feeling insecure, but these girls showed me a side of femininity that is really strong and sensual and in touch, connected. It’s amazing. I feel like connecting to yourself and your body is so important, especially as a woman. I mean, if you’re going to give life to another person, then you’d better be connected to yourself.” - Read my full interview with @dakotajohnson over at now 📸 @craigmcdeanstudio @katieshillingford #fearless #suspiria #dakotajohnson @anothermagazine @suspiriamovie

AnOther AW18 ⛓ For the last of my Suspiria cover interviews, horror fangirl @chloegmoretz talks folklore, witchcraft and magic spells 📸 @collierschorrstudio @katieshillingford Thank you @susannahfrankel #suspiria #fearless #matersuspiriorum @suspiriamovie @anothermagazine

AnOther AW18 ✨ In my second Suspiria cover interview, #miagoth discusses the primal power of dance 📸 @vivianesassenstudio @katieshillingford Thank you @susannahfrankel #suspiria #fearless #matersuspiriorum @suspiriamovie @anothermagazine

AnOther AW18 🔮 Inside the new issue I speak to the star of Suspiria @dakotajohnson about fierce motherly love 📸 @craigmcdeanstudio @katieshillingford Special thanks to @susannahfrankel for indulging my Suspiria obsession #suspiria #fearless #matersuspiriorum @suspiriamovie @anothermagazine

SUNDAY SERVICE ⚡️Deleted scene from The Holy Mountain, taken from my set of German lobby cards #theholymountain #jodorowsky @jodorowskyfilms @pascale_montandonjodorowsky

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