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Benedetto Demaio  👨🏻‍🎨 Images craftsman 👨🏻‍🏫 Art teacher 🎨 Painter / Illustrator / Visual artist 📱 Mobile photographer 🌊 Sea lover 📍Milan | from Bagnara Calabra 🇮🇹

{ Recycling pattern } • I emptied the wastebasket on my work table and I think I’ll make a picture to hang on the wall. Even discarded ideas have great creative power, nothing should be wasted.

{ Interpretation } • From the dictionary: the act of attributing meaning to something that is expressed in a symbolic way, through conventional signs or known to a few. Now it's up to you. What do you see here? Dazzle me!

{ Normandy landings } • "You are never where I think you are", my father says. Some are born to explore lands, others to explore themselves. I both.

{ Colors keeper } • When I was a child I have often wanted to have a magic box where I could keep my colors. I like to think that, in a way, I have one today.
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{ Glow } • There’s a moment of the day when the light brushes everything giving it a magical aspect. So the already wonderful places become even more wonderful.

{ Path to follow } • Drawing is kind of like tracing new roads to let creativity run.

{ #SoPopSoTiny } • Good things come in small packages, @lavazzaofficial docet! 😉
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{ Unusual breakfast } • Every morning should begin with a shower of good coffee!
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{ Nuvola & nuvole } • Inside this building it is told the story of a family with a great project, their wonderful passion and the hard work to carry it forward. Here’s to making history of Italian coffee.
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{ #NuvolaLavazza } • Have you ever been inside a cloud? I did it today and I felt a very good smell of coffee.
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{ Eden } • This is what heaven feels like.

{ #🇯🇵 } • Let me tell you about my passion for Japanese culture; the essential style, the aesthetic sense of food, the balanced flavors, the natural colors, everything, I like everything. Maybe some day I’ll get to go to Japan, I hope. Meanwhile, a little bit of Japan came to me, in Milan, thanks to @tenoha_milano.

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