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bendainton  Loves Jesus. Loves Rachel. Youth Pastor at Gateway Baptist Mackenzie. #growthmandate

Book number 17!
Own The Moment by Carl Lentz is a passion filled, energising book. Carl encourages us to be people who take every moment and make the most of it. Speaking on everything from friends to faith and so much more. If you want to squeeze all you can out of life, get yourself a copy of this book!
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This morning this team did kids ministry! Our kids team had just had a massive week doing Kids Takeover and these guys helps us please them by giving them a week off!! Love their servant hearts to help out!
Also @peteyhsu wasn’t there for the photo so we shopped him in!

Book Number 16!
The Pursuit of God by A.W Tozer. Tozer is a man who was passionate about God and finding his presence!
This book stirred my soul to seek God more, and to spend more time looking for and finding his presence.
This book was written many many years ago and the message is still needed today!
Pursue God.
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Book number 15!
All about sleep 😴. Something that I think we should all be better at, if you spend a third of your life doing something, wouldn’t you want to be good at it?
This book gives simple tips, as well as some great hacks to get the best sleep you can, to help you operate at your best!
Get yourself a copy and get some good quality 💤
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I work with some awesome leaders!
These 3 though have been killing it! (In fact the whole team has)
Today we had our Term 3 planning meeting and I may as well have not been there. They lead the sessions and the planning so well!
Not only that they all lead with passion, integrity, and a deep love for Jesus!
Thank you for being great leaders, great friends and great followers of Jesus!

Book number 14!! @stevenfurtick crushed it with this one!
A really great look at the life of Elisha and what we can learn from that. I was particularly inspired by his focus on the greater life we have available to us!! While at the same time it starts with small steps, small steps of obedience.
An easy read, a fun read and an inspiring read! Live a greater life!
#bendaintonreads #read #growthmandate

Book number 13.
This book was an interesting read about all things social media and getting a message out there. Something that I think as Christians and as the Church we are still learning how to do well.
While for those with sensitive ears it does have some cussing, it’s super helpful for all those wanting to leverage social media to deliver a message!
Thanks @garyvee for inspiring and equipping others to go “Crush It!” #bendaintonreads #growthmandate #audible #audiblebooks #read

Great day yesterday celebrating Jon and Carly’s wedding. Amazing to celebrate the incredible decision to spend the rest of your lives loving each other.
Added bonus of seeing a few great mates there too!! #daintonnowmarried #marriage #thelads

Jon’s wedding part one!
Great weekend hanging out with the lads before Jon’s big day!
Golf, Pizza, Golf and lots of rain. Loved it.

Kanye Donaldson! Killing it at setup for the wedding of the day!!!! .
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Book number 12! A great read on leading change. As change continues to happen more rapidly this book becomes more relevant. Highly recommend, plus it’s a story about penguins finding a new iceberg with cute pictures!! Super easy read while being insightful. .
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Book number 11. A classic by Tozer. An amazing look at the state of worship. Written years ago, it felt like these words were written for this current time. If you want to be challenged about the nature of worship, be inspired by what it means for us. Get on this book. Amazing. .
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