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Happy 21st birthday to our amazing Bailee! So full of adventure, drive, focus, love, and curiosity. She’s everything we could want in our child...and also a great friend. Hopefully she loves us enough to take care of us in our old age! 🤞🏼😂❣️💕HBD bug! Love you to the highest star and back! 🎂 🎁 💥

Holding all other things constant, a day with a beach and sun is better than one without them. But a day with family trumps it all. Love these memories and this crew of ours!

Wow, been a big week for Noah. Gets accepted into BYU. Then gets called to serve a mission to Querétaro Mexico. 🇲🇽 Leaving July 24th. Not sure I’m ready for this. I know for a fact that ‘Momma’ isn’t ready to send her boy off! #4monthstogetready #tearsalready

Last day in Venice. Has been particularly cool since it is during Carnival. Just soaking in the history, architecture, side-streets, costumes, and gondola rides. Oh, and gelato. Lots of gelato. Had the greatest side-kicks right along with me!

Whoa. Ok, that drive from Innsbruck (Austria), through the Italian Dolomites with castles dotting the hillsides, to Venice was jaw-dropping. Stunning. Now soaking in the Grand Canal and the Realto bridge. Being with Bailee and Noah has been so memorable. Not having Chelle by my side has me more committed to bringing her here! #switzerland #germany #austria #italy #utah

Beautiful drive from Switzerland, through Lichtenstein and Austria, to Bavaria (southern Germany). Ran into some little castle on the way. Bucket list item: ✅

Taking Bailee and Noah with me on this adventure has been awesome so far! Cruising through Zurich today eating lunch with Jared (missionary nephews are great), walking along the lake, and just trying not to die while driving on their roads! More adventures to come once we get to Germany, Austria, and Italy. #soakingupthelastmonthswithnoah #premissiontraveling #missingmyothergirls

Quite glad to be getting out of the snow. Totally pumped to be with this crew over the holidays. #sunburnrisk #sunscreennothelping @baileecook @noahcook30 @oliviacookkkk @lilygracecook @michellecopecook

Happy 18th birthday to Noah. He’s been the only other male in my family voting block, he’s the antacid to his 3 sisters’ energy, he’s wise far beyond his years, is the only other family member who can stay awake through a Shakespeare play, has a deeply refined, calm, & disciplined character, and I love him more than he can fully comprehend. HBD dude!

Me and ma gurl. And ma gurls. Makes daddy happy to spend days like this with my everythings. #great skiing #notatonofsnow #stillablast @baileecook @lilygracecook @oliviacookkkk @michellecopecook

Time well spent today...

A final afternoon in Paris brought out some of the city’s magic: Chapel of Sainte Chapelle, Orsay Museum, the Latin Quarter, Saint-Germaine-des-Pres, and Pont Neuf 🔐. Quite breathtaking, really. Also because I don’t think it got over 30 degrees. 🌨🌬

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