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Love • Family • Health  • Kevin & Michelle • MARRIED💍 • Parents to a tiny human • Your Vibe attracts your Tribe✌🏼 • Wellness Coaches 💚💪🏼 • Join US 💎 •📧

T E A again. Because with this little lady, I might as well get an IV of it! 😹🤦🏻‍♀️

Happy rainy Sunday! On our way to brunch for the mother-in-law's birthday! Tea in hand, of course!

Thank you for loving even the dustiest of corners of my mixed up soul. #myforever

Trying out a new place for dinner with my hottie Herba-momma. #Diced

God knew we needed you! 🌷💕#IrisAnn #OurGreatestAdventure

"Life is tough. But darling, so are we!" Our strength is in each other. Our inspiration is in our child. Our future is in our hands. #wewillmakeourdreamsareality

"Remember why you started. Don't give up. Find a way!"

It's amazing how proper nutrition doesn't only change the numbers on the scale! There's so much more that's involved. Even my skin looks younger and clearer now that I am consuming the vitamins and minerals my body needed. .
Remember that your health is an investment, not an expense!

Tomorrow! Come out to support, get in shape and sweat those Friday night's cravings! #FitCamp

Neighborhood walks! It is HOT today but it's still a beautiful day! Go outside, get some sun rays and enjoy what life's given you! #sunnyMiami

"And I promise you kid that I'll give so much more than I'll get!" 🌷 #IrisAnn #OurGreatestAdventure

Hubby's breakfast! You guys don't realize how amazing this is. Before Herbalife, my husband would have coffee (an Iced Caramel Latte) that has way too much sugar and a donut for breakfast. OR he just wouldn't have anything at all. Now, he makes his shakes every morning. It doesn't take long at all! And he has a nutritious meal that's also tasty. I feel so relieved that he's getting the proper vitamins and minerals! #weLOVEherbalife

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