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Just a crazy little #truestory about my newest #journal

It's an #omen that made me smile just now

I am just starting up my newest journal. I keep track of my #goals, record my #action steps and special notes for each day and make my #todo list for the next day.

It helps me keep things organized in my mind and focused on what I am doing, were I am heading & what I need to do to to stay on track and get me to the next destination along my #journey

I have a couple really special goals I am working on so I decided to use this hardback journal I got as a gift several years ago. I never used it before because it always seemed like whatever I might be #writing was maybe not special enough for this fancy journal. Today it felt special enough and I have been working on specific goals for 2017 and slightly revised them today.

As I looked at the cover of the journal it said '192 pages' I thought to myself "what a weird random number of pages". I like to write one page a day it seem like the perfect amount to cover the things I mentioned and sometimes I like to add doodles. I wondered if there were enough pages to last til the end of the year so I googled 'how many days left in 2017'. Today there is exactly 192 days left in the year. It made me smile.

I do believe in omens and special messages from the #SoulOfTheUniverse like the #UniversalLanguage #PauloCoelho writes about in the #Alchemist

If you believe in it too I hope you are able to spot some on your path and they make you smile and inspire you. It's a really cool feeling and I had to share it.

If you have any cool stories like this please leave a comment I'd Love to hear about it

Isabel w those #Friday #vibes

This #doodle #sketch is a #mixedmedia / #drawing project I am working on. I'm calling it '#roadtrip'. It has a #dayofthedead #sugarskull theme. I will #color it with #markers #coloredpencil #crayons & #watercolor. Its a lot of fun I'm hoping it turns out OK

Izzy had field day at school today

My picks for #UFC #211 :

Stipe Miocic @stipemiocicufc #AndStill by #KO
@joannajedrzejczyk #AndStill by #submission
@gamebredfighter by KO
@frankieedgar by #decision

I can't believe @ealvarezfight is on the #prelims below the #middleweight #fight he will probably destroy Porier

The #Heavyweight fight is going to be #EPIC! JDS is a bada$$ but I do think Stipe Miocic is gonna be the #Champion for a little while yet

Quick stop at the #Asian grocery store

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