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Ben Birk  Snowboards, Snowmobiles, Dirt Bikes....... that High Sierra Lifestyle. @arcadebelts

Been a pleasure working with you @nucci_mang. Don't go changing. Come back soon. #strapinventureout

I heard it snowed a little at high elevations yesterday 🀀. Winter is on it's way! Photo: @dbo_photo

Any other machine in this position might be stuck, but not on the #highoctanecornfeeder. She's just resting before finishing the sidehill. @polarissnow #thewayout

11 straight months of sliding sideways in the Sierra Nevada. #backcountrybirk #sierrasnowclub #strapinventureout

I spent 8 days in the Tahoe backcountry with @backstromkevin and @torlundstrom filming for the new @twsnow flick #ArcadiaMovie. These guys are πŸ’Ž. Can't wait to see the finished product. Thank you for getting me involved πŸ™πŸΌ @hauc @hamiltonick @teddymuse @icecream4breakfast @byndxmdls @taylormboyd. Hearing my camera fire off shots in a real movie sure did make some 15 year old kid from PA dreams come true.

In the words of Sid Vicious "give me a fix". #backcountrybirk

@tuckberryfin scooting down a chute in July! 😱 This season just won't end. #benbirkphoto #strapinventureout #sierrasnowclub

The view is always worth it. #strapinventureout

Still out here wishing it was sled season 😭. #highoctanedirtfeeder #strapinventureout

First time riding the Kings Beach trails since last summer. Every year the rocks change so much from all the snow run off of Mt Baldy. It's always provides for a rocky technical challenge. Riding fast is a challenge here. #highoctanedirtfeeder #strapinventureout

I can't believe the backcountry is still good in Tahoe. #backcountrybirk πŸ“± @chipswitit

Riding into the work week shirtless and stoked. #strapinventureout πŸ“· @tuckberryfin

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