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😂 this guy @rob_lane_page (they banned his main page🙁)is a true master of editing. Sometimes he’s on point and then on videos like this he is just on some god level shit LOL!!!! The part where he cuts to @kenstarrrz smoking the cigarette expression got me dead 💀 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😩 Yo Ken you a talented funny Mf’er primo

For a long time, I didn’t like my smile. More specifically my teeth. I didn’t realize until some investigating that Asians are born with a light yellow tint on their teeth and eventually my teeth were so yellow that I looked like I could spit butter. 😐
So I knew I wanted to get porcelain veneers, but I needed the best possible. Being a jeweler who also makes gold teeth. I knew what was required. I didn’t wanna look like Jim Carrey in The Mask and I wanted them to look natural but ultra white. After some research, I found @draamirwahab who is a master at his craft. And the best in the game. Periodt. I suggest you hit up #UnforgettableSmile in Beverly Hills if you have any questions about your teeth. I been smiling 25/10. I even smile when I’m mad. Thanks Dr Wahab!!!! 😬🥶😬🥶
📷: @sthanlee taken at the Asian American Awards #UNFO

For most of my life growing up, I felt like an outsider... most Asians didn’t understand me and I didn’t share the same interests with them. Back then hip hop was still fairly new and it was definitely NOT on the pop charts or in popular culture. I could count the amount of Asians who worked in hip hop back then on one hand. And for sure there was little to no yellow representation in Hollywood unless you were in martial arts or willing to portray a nail shop/liquor store owner. But we’ve come a long way. I didn’t mind always being the only Asian in circles or wherever I went. I got used to it. But last night was magical. It showed me how much cooler it is to not be the only Asian repping. In fact last night was the most grand magnificent event I’ve ever attended and I’ve been to the Grammys before. I’ve recently won a few awards (Hypebeast 100, Jeweler of the Year), but winning the cultural lifestyle achievement award last night meant everything to me. I’ve watched the #AsianAmericanAwards on social media and heard about it from word of mouth for over 15 years and never was invited. And I’ve been putting in work for decades behind the scenes, without a manager or publicist. I’ve been used to not being included in Asian events, but I was so honored to receive this award that I almost cried. Seeing my mom break down in tears after my speech got me emotional and deep in my feelings because even though I’ve been successful for a while, I gave her hell for a majority of her life. Being kicked out of schools, going to jail several times and just being a hooligan. 🤦🏻‍♂️😭 She always wanted me to be a stock broker or doctor or lawyer and that was the last thing I wanted to do. But now I really feel like I truly made her proud and that means more to me than any amount of money in the world.
Thank you @koreasianmedia for having me and more so awarding me for my lifetime of grind. 🙏🏼. @jonmchu you set the tone last night and put fire under my seat. @johnthecho thank you for shouting me out. I realize we all need to stick together as Asians do and continue this wave. When we unify, we flourish. #AsianExcellence #UnforgettableGala2018 #UNFO 💪

There’s still a big misconception that I ONLY make jewelry for celebrities and pro athletes... But if you followed protocol on how to get a custom chain by me, made the down payment and were patient, I promise the end result is only upper echelon type custom jewelry. You saw how I killed the Vegeta piece. Now you see how I RIP’d this Goku piece... so I gotta ask. Which one you like better? #Goku or #Vegeta
#BenBallerDidTheChain #IFANDCO #DragonBallZ

Kore Magazine (@koreasianmedia) is the only PRINT publication to cover Asian Americans in entertainment. I’m honored to be on the cover with all of these other accomplished Asian folks celebrating our most powerful year yet! #AsianPower 💪

Say hello to the new wave of @vvspens
This new C-Cell technology is the best in the world. RIP to the bootleggers who tried to throw salt on VVS, all you did was season our sauce. #VVSPENS is ONLY sold in legal shops. Fully CA compliant. (Any failed test results are fakes of clones)
We are hands down the best in the game. The only real luxury cannabis vape pen out there. A lot of more new products coming soon. Also lifestyle merch coming soon. 💎🔥💨💨💨💨

I don’t know why but I seem to always buy new cars on a Monday. I think it’s because Monday’s usually suck and this makes the day feel a little better. Thank you @furiousf3ng @lamborghinibeverlyhills ... that’s car 14 from @ogaracoach and all y’all can give me is some candles? Can I get a Lamborghini polo at least? 😭. Btw. I ordered this car in February. It’s super dope. But I’m waiting on my new #KTOWNDESTROYER to come in soon. Work hard. Work smart. Live decent. Enjoy your life. Remember this too. I used to work at Burger King making $3.75 an hour and I used to ride the bus often. Not anymore though 🥶😎🙏🏼
#LamborghiniUrus #PML #IFANDCO

My mancave is 90% completed!
All I’m waiting on is @brettraymer and #TankedTVshow to finish my 700 gallon shark tank 🐠🦈. What else do I need? 🤷🏻‍♂️

Murder in the first degree. 🖤🔪
FINALLY took my #Tesla to @platinum_group for the #PML touch. Matte, Satin and Gloss black accents. Nobody does it better than #PlatinumMotorsport
THANK YOU @gplatinum @j_belll 🙏🏼
Thank you @platinum_carrental for blessing me with that new ‘19 Range so I wasn’t without an SUV while my #P100D was down.
#LudicrousMode 🚀🚀🚀

2015 - Pep Williams
Say something nice 🥶

Now maybe some of you will understand why I make 4-5 pieces a year instead of 4-5 a month. For real career goal... 🙏🏼
And If your jeweler tells you you got VVS Diamonds in your piece then why isn’t it hallmarked on the back of your piece? That’s how you know it legit has true VVS diamonds.

Konnichiwa, 🙏🏼 I present to you... The custom jewelry piece of the year. Official collaboration with legendary world renown contemporary artist @TakashiPom commissioned by @jbalvin #MurakamiPanda Edition 1 of 2
This is something you will see in a museum someday that will increase in value. I am very honored to have been called for this. Thank You again Jose, You are the new King of jewelry. Period.
Real VVS1 clarity E color white brilliant round diamonds. And all VVS1 baguette diamonds on the bale. All natural gemstones for all the other colors. Too many to list. Held by a one of a kind 2 tone white gold #18K snake Cuban link. @IFANDCO or nothing. 💎 #BenBallerDidTheChain #TakashiMurakami #RealVVSdiamonds #NotHipHopVVSdiamonds #JBalvin #IFANDCO

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