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#tbt Super Bowl Party at @drdre crib 1997. Dre gave me an Expedition and a big ass check and I went and copped a BMW M3 and a Rolex the next day 😭. He didn’t speak to me for a few days. He told me “making a million dollars is easy, but keeping it ain’t.”
Back then I was the youngest asian flexer and I didn’t do any clownery for clout. I had actual skills and talent. #AftermathEntertainment #DrDre #ChrisTheGlove #ComedianPierre #RollinWithDre

Hard to believe it’s been 7 years. I’ve never dealt with a tougher loss. I don’t think I had a closer friend in all my life. He was my brother. I still imagine on a daily how much we would be crushing shit together if he was still here. Jonas was so ahead of his time that fools are barely just catching up to his style now. RIP 🙏🏼 #AdoptChildrenNotStyles #47tilinfinity ♻️
We started this internet flexing 💪🏼

Warm Start up on my hatchback FF daily driver. Music provided by @ipe_northamerica
Using stock Ferrari Sport Exhaust with @ipe_exhaust_official cat deletes 💪🏼💨💨💨
🎥: @seanandcrew
#FerrariFF #Ferrari #V12 #NaturallyAspirated #FamilyCar #PML 720hp @platinum_group 🇮🇹🏁🇺🇸

It’s Kaia’s first bathing suit 👙! I die 😩❤️.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there especially to my wife @nicc_la. Without her there would be no #YangGang (🚨•Disclaimer• for anyone who has 1 or 2 kids and wants to have a third child, THINK HARD ABOUT IT! You will be outnumbered! It’s tough AF! 😭😩😂 but I wouldn’t trade my life for anything.)

No other cartridge on the market hits harder, cleaner or smoother. Don’t play yourself, smoke VVS 💎💨💨💨

Mid Life Crisis Drip 😭
Outfit by @vandythepink
Photo by @exotic_hyper_cars

Everyone PLEASE GO wish my OG @georgelopez a Happy Birthday! I am very blessed and grateful to have such an incredible big homie like you in my life G! 🙏🏼 #Chingon

In 1996 I was the first and only Asian in the Rocafella Records family. 22 years later my little brother @jparkitrighthere is the first Asian (Korean👊🏼) to be signed to Roc Nation. I won’t even break down Jay’s resume. He’s a god in my motherland. He’s also the most humble star I know. Always good catching up fam. I got your back forever. #AOMG #h1ghrmusic #JayPark #RocNation #Rocafella 🇰🇷

I’ve been a big fan of @kaws since the early 90’s. I first got put on to #KAWSONE by my boy Eddie Cruz in 1994 and I remember copping my first Original Fake 1000% bearbrick in 2002 (that’s all I could afford then.) I copped all 6 of his 4ft companions 10-13 years ago when they were $5,000 each(now they’re $80,000+ each)
And here we are now with me making an official 1 of 1 Kaws piece co-signed and commissioned by the God himself for the Latin Superstar @JBalvin
18K White Gold. Over 17,000 diamonds total = 125 carats. Only VS or better white diamonds, cognac diamonds and blood red rubies. And a 1 of 1 Ben Baller VVS diamond bicycle chain to complete the set up. 🙌🏼 BALVIN WE DID IT AGAIN!!!!! #IFANDCO #JBalvin #KAWS #BenBallerDidTheChain $275,000

Who wants some #BenBallerDidTheChain stickers?
s/o @wraplegends for making me these.

I’ve been hustling hard for a very long time to ensure my daughter doesn’t ever have to sell skinny tea on social media.

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