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Benafsha Soonawalla  MTV VJ. Post grad BMS student. For inquiries, email me- BOB MARLEY OUT NOW 👇🏻

Guys!!!! Just a day to go for Ind vs Pak. Have you formed your VERY OWN FANTASY TEAM YET and played on @StarPickFantasy ?
Join me and many others like Dinesh Karthik, Md Kaif and more. Play here -

You can join too! Are you up for the challenge?

PC- @niraj.ny

Casually chilling on the sets of Chakde India 2
#sirmeintohmaardungi #gyaaraseduskiteamkarvakeaagaibewakoof #paanipeelo
Hehe but on a serious note, this baby love is all heart. The whole of it 🌸

Prince’s decent attempt at photobombing😜
Yuvu’s gorgeous smile as always
And me tryina werk my pout
But getting back to the point, guys!! These two just keep killing it! MUSTTTTTT check out their new song ‘Burnout’
It’s an absolute stunner. The song as well as the music video. I lurrrvvvvved. And so will you. Check it out NOW on White Hill music’s YouTube channel if you haven’t seen it yet. Go!

Phool, titli aur kaliyaan
Ho gaye tumse khafa
Cheen li jo tumne unki
Pyaar ki har ek ada
Pyaar ki har ek ada🌸

#aunaturale #simplicity #ganpatifestival #comebacksoon

I am officially a Post graduate!!!!!!! 🎓👩‍🎓
I made it.
I studied in school while I did some 10 extra curricular activities as usual and while being the school’s green house captain (sorry I’m still very proud of that😜 GO GANDHI)
Thank you my Ms Faleiro, ms Shroff, sir mone, Ms machado, ms joshi, ms angy ms Manisha for being the most unforgettable teachers.
I studied in college and then I studied through post grad doing the same extra curriculum but this time on way bigger levels. So big that I had to study in airplanes, in cabs, in the toilet (yup), in hotel rooms when I went out of town for shoots. I still remember going for 15 days with 0 sleep during exams studying from night going into morning ( that’s also cause I start late let’s be fair hehe)Thank you Shahani ma’am, Heena ma’am and Sonia ma’am for being rocks of support,Utsav sir for introducing me to ISME!
Thank you to all those bffs and lovely people of mine that would stay awake with me on timely motivational calls at midnight, some to study & others for moral support.
Thank you mum&dad for being well, mum and dad i.e all one needs.
But Benafsha wants to thank Benafsha THE MOST. Cause I bloody did it.
I studied when I could, I studied when I couldn’t, I studied when I was crazily pressurised, I studied a little extra when I was prepared enough, I even studied alone and felt like the whole world was sleeping except me. I studied through my so called “relationship anxiety” and THAT was an achievement. Even when I couldn’t give papers I aced them re-exams.
My eyes would shut while studying at midnight and I would take tiny power naps in between and help myself and man was it traumatising to wake up from those. But I did. Promise you, I looked nothing less than a zombie, then I went ahead and gave my papers and smiled after giving almost EVERY PAPER and was it one of the best feelings! I studied not to pass or fair decently. I studied to get good grades. And I did. I also had the BEST best friend ever- my God.
Seemed impossible to handle studies that too well (TV/ VJ life)
Now be nasty & mean, or take inspiration and know that you can do the i-m-possible. I did 💛
#munnabhai #areypostgraduate

A straight up solid hot mess walkin’ round the streets of New York
#streetstyle 📸- @nataliafries

Congrats to this unbelievably kind and gorgeous soul @divyaagarwal_official , I’m so glad we did bob Marley and I confirmed that you’re just the same friendly sweetheart that you were the first time I met you. Your kindness will take you a long way sweedie. And you’ve no idea how badly I wanted you to paswaar me again so thank you for that🤣
And all this I’ve poured out straight from the heart

@bobbynewberry @thebucketlistfilms @tay_dean @garryskumaar @stylistars congratulations guys! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE the song, and I love the whole feel of the video too!

As for all you lovelies following me please go watch it on @thebucketlistfilms ‘s YouTube channel and give it all your big big big luuuuurvvvv

I’m honestly jealous of the people living in New York. Like what do they do when they’re kind of upset?? just go to Times Square have a waffle and hotdog and take a chill ... wow tough life guys.. #favouriteplaceintheworld #citysonicetheynamedittwice 📸- @nataliafries

Some more from this lovely shoot day but this time with a smileyyyy because byeee section 377!!!!!!! Yayyyy😁
Always wished for this. Love is love is love is love. And that’s about it.
#lovewins #swipe

P.s is it really weird that I love my hands? 📸- @steveddsouza

Who dat sexy thang I see ovaa there
#trackstar3 @mtvindia @jktyre_motorsport
Stylist- @srishti_bhagia
Makeup- @officialshalvikhanna
Hair- @hardeeparora12
Picture credits- @steveddsouza

Today on track!
Watch how close @mtvindia is to my heart
Oh laal dupatte wali tera naam toh bataa
Te ne ne te te tene

#trackstar3 @mtvindia @jktyre_motorsport
Stylist- @srishti_bhagia
Makeup- @officialshalvikhanna
Hair- @hardeeparora12

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