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Get ready…November 17. #JusticeLeague

11.17.17 #JusticeLeague

More than anything, in my work with @EasternCongo Initiative, I’ve learned that small acts matter. They can transform lives and communities. There’s no better example of this than the remarkable work the Starkey Hearing Foundation does for communities all around the world.
It is an honor to receive the 2017 Starkey Hearing Foundation Gala Humanitarian Award, and an honor of a lifetime to have you as a partner to support the Congolese. This award is for all of them. @StarkeyCares #StarkeyGala

@EmmanueldeMerode is a defender of wildlife in #Congo #DRC and a personal hero of mine. He and Virunga’s fearless Rangers are protecting the majestic gorillas, Africa’s first National Park @virunganationalpark, and the people who live around it from continued threat of oil exploration and armed militia groups. @easterncongo

Despite conflict and instability, these kids are happy and healthy thanks to the work of @easterncongo’s long time #Goma partner, Children’s Voice.
Children’s Voice helps these kids by giving them access to school and essential social services, providing stability in an uncertain world and we are very proud to help them in that mission.
Thank you, Children’s Voice, for giving these kids a chance. These kids are doing us proud, @dofficialmutombo, @bismackbiyombo, @sergeibaka7

Seven years ago we founded @easterncongo to help provide the Congolese people with economic opportunities and a stable civil society. Last week I witnessed firsthand how hard work and sustainable investment is helping to achieve that goal. Special thanks to Howard G. Buffett Foundation & @starbucks for supporting these coffee cooperatives.

In Eastern Congo visiting Congolese farmers supported by @easterncongo. Congo’s specialty coffee sector is coming back thanks to hard work of these farmers and socially conscious investment from @starbucks. The Congolese thrive when we listen to what they need and bring in companies who can help. Thanks to everyone working with @easterncongo on our mission.

Every time I visit #DRC I’m amazed by the Congolese people. Their hard work and commitment to improving their country is truly inspiring.
Last week, I was back in Goma visiting with coffee cooperatives and community-based organizations supported by my org @easterncongo. It was very exciting to see that hard work, coupled with sustainable investment, is paying off.
A special thank you to @starbucks for their commitment to socially conscious investment in Congo, and Heal Africa for providing these communities with essential health care services.

Just got home from a listening and learning trip throughout rural eastern Congo. Seven years ago, I founded @EasternCongo Initiative (, a grant making and advocacy organization, focused on investing directly in the Congolese people. I feel beyond fortunate to have had the opportunity to again return to Congo, seeing friends, visiting with longtime grantees, and some of our newest partners.
Hard to believe this was my tenth trip to such an amazing place, a country I have fallen in love with. During my week-long visit, I visited several coffee communities and many of our community-based partners in the field. I also saw the positive impact Starbucks' investment in the coffee sector is making to thousands of families along Lake Kivu.
Additionally, I spent an afternoon with women and girls, one as young as 7, who have survived horrific sexual violence. Thanks to the extraordinary work of our long-time grantee La Dynamique des Femmes Jurists (, these brave women and girls are being provided judicial services to bring their cases to court, receive medical support and psychological counseling.
It was also stunning to trek into Virunga – the African continent’s very first National Park – to witness a family of Mountain Gorillas in the wild, alongside the inimitable Chief Warden Emmanuel de Merode and the park’s valiant rangers. ( I am hopeful that they will continue to win the fight against the ongoing threats of oil exploration and violence towards the gorillas in this precious place.
Every time I visit, I leave even more inspired there will be a brighter and more peaceful future for the Congolese. The challenges are real, and the road is long, but the Congolese are the hardest working and most hopeful people I know. We often speak of heroes - I count these among the many. It’s the honor of a lifetime to support Congo. My heart will forever be there with them.

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