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Ben Ungermann  #MasterChefAU 2017 Runner Up #IamGaston


UNGERMANN BROTHERS ICE CREAM is coming to Brisbane's Good Food & Wine October 27th to the 29th! Come down everyone to show your support! This will be the first tasting available to the public and we are bursting with excitement! Also thank you to all my family, friends & fans for helping make this food dream a reality. ICE CREAM IS LIFE 🍦 #ihavethebestfans #ungermannbrothers #benungermann #gastonomy #briabanegoodfood&;wine #goodfood&;wine

THE ICE CREAM 🍦 PARLOUR is going ahead. My brother Danny and I have would like to announce UNGERMANN BROTHERS ice cream 🍦 will be opening up this year! This is just a teaser more information to come soon. For those of you curious this is our shop front 😉 stay tuned everyone 🍦 #benungermann #ungermannbrothers #nottoofaraway #brotherpower #gastonomy #icecreams

POLISHED MAN is a campaign to raise awareness about domestic violence against children. Sadly a child passes away every 5 minutes due to violence. I URGE ALL my fans to paint 1 finger with blue nail polish 💅 to represent this terrible statistic and to also be generous and donate! PLEASE visit polishedman.com and together let's put a stop to domestic violence against children and make a difference ❤️ B.U #domesticviolenceisnotok #protectthechildren #getonboard #benungermann #gastonomy #polishedman

MISSING BALI 🇮🇩already. It is such a gorgeous country with beautiful people. From tranquil rice fields to stunning beaches I'm already missing the countries picturesque landscapes. One day I'll call this home ❤️ #home #benungermann #gastonomy #beautifulbali❤️🌺 #indonesia #ricefieldsbali #balibeaches

BACK IN AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺 and straight back into gym! After eating so much delicious Indonesian 🇮🇩 cuisine its time to get back into it! A healthy outside starts from the inside! Eat well and be kind to your body! Happy Sunday all. ❤️B.U #healthybodyandmind #gastonomy #benungermann #happysunday

A VERY CONFRONTING EXPERIENCE. Yesterday I posted about the horrific conditions many Balinese families living at the dump experience. They scavenge through the tip for anything of value to support their families. And they all do it with a smile, there are a special type of people. 🇮🇩 please support these families and give generously to help aid them with just the daily essentials like food and water. Details below https://www.youcaring.com/tpasuwung-979495

PLEASE EVERYONE take the time to read this. Today I went to a dump in Bali where very poor Balinese scavenge the tip to provide for their families. The conditions are horrific and to see families especially young children struggle is heart breaking ❤️ Today I donated along with Willy and his family to feed this community. Willy is currently setting up a fund to help support these struggling families. I also want to give a massive shout out to @adventure_before_dentures who covered this story. It will be turning up online and also in the papers so please keep an eye out. Tomorrow I will post more pictures and videos along with a website to help donate to these less fortunate families. Thank you all please be generous and let's all change some lives 🙏🏽#gastonomy #benungermann #helpthoseinneed #pleasedigdeep

FAREWELL beautiful Bali 🇮🇩Thank you to the Westin Resort @westinbali and Dewi @bali_dew for taking such good care of me! From Heavenly Spa Treatments to beautiful beaches 🌊 I've thoroughly enjoyed my time here. The Masterchef Dinner was also a massive success and I know the restaurant scene in the Westin is in safe hands with Chef Alex @alexmolini . Last stop is to feed homeless Balinese on the au through to my departing flight, life some spirits for those less fortunate🙏🏽 I love you Bali 🇮🇩#masterchefxwestinbali #westinbali #benungermann #gastonomy

THANK YOU so much Jamie's Italian Bali @jamiesitalianbali @jamieoliver for your beautiful hospitality and seriously delicious Italian feast! Chianti @chiantico was a brilliant host and Chef Scott @scottsolomon83 good was good! #benungermann #mcinbali #italianfeast

AMAZING DAY at Garuda Wisnu Kencana to see beautiful statues. Some of the statues were gigantic ! Also got to see some Balinese Traditional Dancing 🇮🇩 #benungermann #gastonomy #ilovebali❤

JUST A FEW FANS at Prego Italian Restaurant in Westin Bali Resort @westinbali such a great brunch with beautiful people! Bali I love you 😍🇮🇩#gastonomy #benungermann #westinbali #brunchoutfit

CAN'T WAIT for tonight's Master Chefs Dinner at the Westin Bali Resort @westinbali cooking the last course dessert! Also a massive thanks to Hunter Motorcycles Indonesia @hunter.motorcycles.indonesia. I am very privileged to have met Chef Juna @junarorimpandey_jrex and work along side Ben @benbullockcooks and Chef Alex! I am loving this adventure! Indonesia 🇮🇩 can I stay forever ??? #MasterChefxWestinBali #gastonomy #benungermann #fantastic4

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