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Hank Gaskell

@hippiehanahank is a professional surfer, a passionate spearfisherman, beekeeper and gardener, who is also one of the most positive and stoked people I’ve ever spent time with.

Raised in the remote tropical paradise of Hana, his skill for riding waves and ease in navigating the crystalline depths seem almost second nature. Hank is often the only guy in the lineup wearing a full wetsuit, but he makes up for his intolerance for cold with a huge smile and finding the best waves.

Last winter, Hank invited me to spend the holidays at his home up in a lush valley, and we quickly settled into a routine of waking up to expansive ocean views, yoga, foraging for the day’s meals by freediving and gathering the plentiful fruits and avocados grow with ease there on Maui’s rainier side, harvesting honey from Hank’s hives, sharing surfs and dinners with local friends and his partner @maliaflower and #mistermoku. It was a simple and fulfilling pace of life, and a rhythm that I hope to find more often here and in the Pacific NW.

Thanks for the good times Hank, here’s to more soon!

#moon_faces #sonyalpha #bwportrait #hankgaskell

shot on the @sonyalpha #a7RIII with my favorite portrait lens, the 85mm 1.4 #Gmaster. I shoot these portraits using manual focus, and one of the big advantages of mirrorless is that I can zoom into the eye to make sure my focus there is sharp. I often would mis-focus with my old dSLR’s, but being able to instantly punch in from 4X to 12X (and back out again) means I now rarely miss a shot.

This was the first portrait that I shot with the a7R III, and the unbelievable resolution of the viewfinder reminded me of the first time I used a “retina display” phone... any hint of digital feel or pixels disappeared and I was able to immerse myself fully in capturing the moment.

@jasonslezak making the most of the evening’s north winds

shot on the unreal combo of #sonyalpha A9 + 100-400mm G Master

Happy two years to this furry bundle of joy @noribythesea 📸: @danielnorris18

Ruthie Lindsey
@ruthielindsey is a public speaker, author, stylist and traveler, and someone who proves that a positive attitude can overcome great adversity.

As a senior in high school, Ruthie was hit broadside by an ambulance doing 65 mph, and although she survived, doctors gave her only a 1% chance of walking again. She miraculously was able to return to normal mobility, but later a wire that had held her shattered neck together broke and pierced her brain stem, causing debilitating pain that left her bed ridden for years before an X-ray finally revealed the issue. After another risky surgery and many other daunting challenges, Ruthie was able to recover and lead a full life again.

When we met last year at @yeahfieldtrip, I felt an understanding and immediate connection with her that happens only with those who have survived difficult experiences and have chosen to thrive, in spite in spite of what has been thrown at them.
Even though Ruthie now lives with a high level of nerve pain almost continually, her eyes burn with an intensity of perseverance and a true gratitude for life. She is a living, laughing example of how choosing hope and joy can lift us above our physical and emotional burdens.
There is so much more to Ruthie’s story, and she will be sharing that in detail in her upcoming memoir called “Salvaged: Building a Life with Broken Parts” soon to be published by @simonandschuster.

#moon_faces #sonyalpha #bwportrait

shot on the @sonyalpha #a7RII with my favorite portrait lens, the 85mm 1.4 #Gmaster

I have lived with a colostomy since 2004, but this is the first time I’ve ever shared an image that actually showed my colostomy bag. I feel that raising awareness about #coloncancer and living with a #colostomy is important so I decided to share it now.
It’s funny how ego, self image, and fear can create an obstacle from a surgical procedure that quite literally saved my life. The chemo and radiation treatments after my #colorectalcancer diagnosis were brutal, but adjusting to having a “front butt” was a daunting emotional challenge... I couldn’t bear to see myself naked in the mirror for months, and dialing in my digestion and new routine was a real challenge, especially once I’d healed enough to climb and surf.
Please educate yourself on the symptoms of colorectal cancer, get checked out, and insist on a colonoscopy if you suspect something is amiss. I would not be here today if my nurse practitioner had not recommended that I get scoped, even though she initially thought my bleeding and other symptoms were most likely just a hemorrhoid.
Age is irrelevant for colon cancer, so please do not let the info out there that “it’s an over 50 disease” lull you into the same false comfort as it did to me in my late 20’s.
I use ostomy products by a small company called Cymed, and have found them to be both comfortable and secure while I surf, swim, rock climb, run, or practice yoga. If you’re an ostomate, look their products up, they have drastically improved my quality of life.
Also look into irrigation if you have a colostomy, essentially it’s a daily colonic that allows you to gain control of your digestion. It’s truly a game changer I’m able to wear a very small stoma cap instead of a large bag. Please message me with any questions, I know how challenging it can be to find real world answers on this topic, especially if you’re active.
Thanks for reading, and no matter what obstacle you’re facing, just get out there and go for it! 📸: @christinetaylorcreative


For me, filmmaking is all about collaborating with talented friends to tell inspiring stories.
When frequent collaborator and talented editor @dana_shaw offered to cut a reel for Moonhouse, he unearthed some great memories as well as a few unreleased clips from the #Denalifilm. The link to the full two minute reel is on my @vimeo page: .
This past year my focus shifted from motion to focus more on writing, but I’m looking forward to diving back into visual storytelling in the upcoming months!
Music credit: @emancipator “The Way”
Many thanks to @ben_knight @skiparmstrong @sturgegram @pageskywalker @whithassett @shan_banan @cyrisarri @jaineedial @brian_russell_dalrymple @rxr_sports @irish_goodbye @danielnorris18 @sonnietrotter @someonecalledjustin @gordonklco @thatcher.bean and everyone else who helped bring these clips to life.

Loki the Wolfdog

@loki is a husky, arctic wolf, and malamute mix who shares outdoor adventures with human sidekick Kelly Lund (aka @sharktoof) who does double duty as his photographer and social media manager.

An image of Loki and Kelly in snuggling a hammock took the interwebs by storm a few years back, and it’s been nonstop for the two ever since, so getting Loki to sit for a portrait was harder than scheduling a @justinbieber interview.

Recently Loki and my pup @noribythesea hit it off in Colorado, and now they’re plotting to rope Kelly and I into documenting some of their wolf-coyote-dog adventures this spring.
I had so much fun with his portrait that I’ve been thinking of doing more.... anyone think I should start a new series, #moon_dogfaces ?
#moon_faces #lokithewolfdog #sonyalpha #bwportrait
shot the @sonyalpha #a7RIII with my favorite portrait lens, the 85mm 1.4 #Gmaster

As much as I appreciate travel, I will always love the rewards of exploring what the backyard has to offer. What is your favorite local adventure?
shot on #sonyalpha A7R III + 12-24mm G

@hippiehanahank embracing another day of diving. Always good times hanging with this guy in his home waters.
shot on #sonyalpha A9 + 12-24mm

Kimi Werner
@kimi_swimmy is an expert freediver and chef who utilizes her skill at spearfishing and knowledge of the ocean as a way of eating in a local and sustainable manner.
More comfortable in water than on land, Kimi embodies a simpler lifestyle, sharing the day’s catch with her community while advocating for the health of our oceans as a speaker and an artist.
If you haven’t seen the footage of her swimming fearlessly with a giant great white shark, look up “Variables with Kimi Werner” on @vimeo. With Kimi’s gentle, positive, and kind demeanor, it’s no surprise that the great white let her hitch a ride.

Thank you for the inspiration Kimi!

#moon_faces #kimiwerner #sonyalpha #bwportrait
shot the @sonyalpha #a7RII with my go-to portrait lens, the 85mm 1.4 #Gmaster

This past year, I was honored to photograph fellow cancer survivors for @thisislivingwithcancer, an amazing project that included a documentary film. Connecting with this amazing individuals helped me in my own healing process, and made me realize how similar our struggles are when battling cancer.

Link in bio for their stories of inspiration and courage. #InspirationLives

Food from the backyard tastes better...
@hippiehanahank deciding what to put on the menu.
shot with the #sonyalpha A7R III + 12-24mm @saltysurfhousings #ishootsalty

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