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Ben Kelly  Spirit caller

Enjoying time by the Tipi and cooking on the wood heater before I head up to Byron to check out #bluesfest next week.
Big thanks to my mate @jrosewarne_photography for inviting me along. Really blessed to be going and looking forward to watching so many great artists across the week. It will be my first blues fest. Maybe... just may be one day I'll be heading up to play. But this trip will to meet new friends and be a spectator.

Each morning, mid morning, noon,
After noon, early eve, mid eve, before bed,
I give thanks for another day.

Following with a little uplifter from my previous sharing.
Back on the 10 day, 10 songs challenge.
Day 14, song 6. A quick snippet.
Full vids on facebook / link up top !!! Hope your all having a blissful week.

Peaceful blessings from Beyond Circle Garden.


The tree that shook my heart.

Although the creation of this space has been amazingly inspiring, it has also been heart wrenching.
Having such a close connection to nature and each living being has a spirit, just like you and I.
On this day, as this old willow fell, she fell slow and as she did a river of sadness welled up in me, the tears return as I write this post and I know in my spirit that i felled a mother tree with a strong mother spirit. She gave cover to little animals and had been living there a long time. There is even a little dwelling in the base of her trunk. Needless to say this rocked my soul even deeper.
As she fell the light shined in and the view of the beautiful water and trees was now in view, but I felt pain in my heart and sat with her for a long time, rocked by the cry of her spirit.
I am devoted to caring for the land here and honoring all spirits where ever I go and it's something that I feel is very important for all of us to do, tho each are on there own journey.
I will always remember felling this tree and how she effected me as her life was shattered in a few short moments.
I wanted to share this with you all and In my heart I hope some of you can be aware and have Grace, respect and gratitude for all of nature's spirits. The trees, the Animals and all great things that this beautiful Earth has gifted.
All things have a spirit, even the air is a spirit. And it's our duty to care and live in harmony with all things.
Afterwards I thought about how if humans weren't here, there would be no weeds or non indigenous scattering. As nature would allow her creatures and plant kingdom to roam across the land freely without prejudice.

It's only human perception that creates what's right or wrong and in the natural way of things.

Although there are more blackberries and willow to clear, it's not being done with an unconscious heart and I'm really looking forward to replanting this area with Indigenous plants and nurturing the native habitat.
Gratitude and respect for all Earth's creations.


immaculate colour in the sky tonight over Beyond Circle Garden

First Tipis Supper.
Made with 80% homegrown organics 😉
Garnish with aunty Bevs homemade chutney.

First Tipis supper!!!
Actually only 80% homegrown !!!
But I'm good with that.
Garnished with homemade chutney from my beautiful Aunty Bev.
@beverleysheean ☺☺☺

When the mind is clear,
The dream is real,
The heart is home,
When peace we feel.


Been a long time coming,
But a monumental thing happened at Beyond Circle Garden yesterday.
Pics by @jrosewarne_photography
And that's Jason's son playing the Circle Garden Piano installation.

Tipis by Murray of Under One Moon Tipis.

Planting begins this week.
View the full album on facebook at

Peaceful blessings of the highest nature,


Friends this is why I say get out of the house and immerse yourself in nature.

Today the Tipis arrives and we'll be setting her up here at Beyond Circle Garden.

Bounce over to facebook to check out progress photos of Beyond Circle Garden and today's activities, super inspiring.

Good morning I'd like to play you a song and this is this morning's song.

This is closer to the bit I meant to share.

Instagram trims are not so accurate.


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