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That Writer Film Guy  Screenplay Writer, recruiter, coach, filmmaker, promoter. Make films for the youths and films to uplift Chicago.

Back to doing what I do best RECRUITING!!! Check the resume it speaks for itself.. If you want your son doing something positive this summer that could also benefit his high school education contact me ASAP the deadline is approaching...

When I first started doing films I used to post feedback,, I guess because I was seeking validation.. But to know that this woman is down by St. Louis and doesn't know me at all,, makes this one very special!!! I learned a lesson from watching my Grandmother for decades that if you are not making an impact in somebody's life then you are not truly living.. I'm glad that I made this woman (Chelly) happy to see her son on film,, and if you watch the video and see him you know this will not be his last time on camera.. I wish them nothing but the best.. #ProductionImpactChallenge
I challenge all of you production/filmmakers to make a difference in someone's life especially a youth.. Stop glamourising "hood" shit,, drugs,, guns and fights and do something impactful.. Cause truth be told nobody in the cook county area really doing it like #ForTheYouthFilms or #Ben1Productions and that's not being cocky or arrogant.. Hell it's just the truth!!!

Been a minute IG,, had to deal with losing a life,, but I've still been working.. LINK IN BIO LINK IN BIO LINK IN BIO!!! I never do this for me I never do this for adults I always do this #ForTheYouths.. This for all the athletic supporters out there @roegoldstein @noahsarcfdn I challenge you to take a look at this video.. Kids from all over Chicago and even teams from St. Louis came to this tournament.. #MarchMadness
and to the people I want to see this one @Dantethepoet @iamDLOW you might know some kids in the video.. @underarmour you may want to watch this as well particularly at the :32 mark.. The tournament was put together by @th_truth31.. P.S.
I'm retiring from the amateur level.. This wasn't the one I was supposed to exit on but due to unforeseen circumstances the other video will not be produced.. I wish y'all could have seen it tho..

Season over but my work just beginning.. Tired of #pinnacle I need a better editing program... #studiowork #ForTheYouthFilms #highlights #highlightreel #StillTheBestInChicago

Mann I'm so proud of this kid here. Never played football a day in his life. I asked his mother to trust me with him.. I trusted the coaching staff and they got him his first state championship!!! Bright future ahead!!! CONGRATULATIONS MI'YAON 💪🏈🏆!!!

#WhoTooSmall #SledWork #HeartHustleMuscle #Determination #BeastMode it's too stupid pop warner not letting him play.. I'm just glad he still putting in work.. #highschoolcoaches don't sleep on this kid...

They say he too small to play football. His heart bigger than his whole body. High school coaches don't sleep on this kid.. Speed,, hands,, quickness,, high football IQ. You can build muscle but you can't build heart! #TimmyMStrong

Maaaannn listen,, this here makes what I do all worth it.. When the youth recognize what you do and speak on it in this manner,, this is my #ImageAward #Oscar #AcademyAward all in one.. And soon enough I will incorporate #ForTheYouthFilms into either a nonprofit 501c3 or a LLC business and do what I do on a more massive scale..

#Football filled weekend.. High school Friday,, College all Saturday and Pop Warner today.. My apologies #Canes I left the memory card in the laptop..

#WhoTooSmall?? #SpeedKid 5.37 40 at 13yrs old! @rbgang_42 #football

When a #Hurricane clashes with a #Spartan.. The young man was ok just shaken up a bit.. He came and did what he was supposed to do.. Brought the same teachings he learned at Hillside..

If you ain't seen #HustleHard http://youtu.be/H1V31pReo0o yet then you missing out.. Great video for all the young athletes out there.. Great feedback and as always great support.. Link in bio.. #Adidas #UnderArmour #Reebok #Converse #hustle #hustlehart #EsteemFitness

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