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I got surgery in my mouth yesterday and now I look like a chipmunk. A really fat chipmunk.

I climb my hardest when I drink @redbull.
I also smash the can on my head after I send because the psych is real when I’m all caffeinated up. •
This past weekend in Bishop I sent my long time project Beefcake V10 the moment I got into town.
I went back at 7am the next morning to try Beefy Gecko V11 and sent it first go. •
I’ve never been so strong and I’m only getting stronger. •
Also wearing my @arcteryx Veilance frame shirt because it makes my frame look good. •
@arcteryxlabrea @fiveten_official @gramicci @organicclimbing

What climbing actually is for me:
1. Falling
2. Cursing more than you can imagine because I keep falling
3. Doing weird things that don’t involve climbing
4. Making weird noises
5. Flailing like a fish out of water
6. Being scared and thinking I’m going to shit myself
7. Actually shitting myself
8. More falling
9. Drinking tequila because I’m frustrated from falling so much
10. Finding a nice place to take a nap
11. Drinking tequila because I like tequila
12. Falling asleep because I drank too much tequila
13. Sending everything the next day because hangovers make me abnormally strong
14. Calling my mom to tell her I’m not dead

I just realized I didn’t put climbing anywhere in the list haha So be it. I don’t actually climb 😏

@adidasterrex @organicclimbing @fiveten_official @arcteryx @arcteryxlabrea

White out in the milks. #tb
Two more finals and I can crush some boulders once again.
Haven’t touched any weights in a few weeks and have only been climbing. Feeling strong AF. Busting out one arm pull ups on crimps like I’m in zero gravity.
I think beefcake V10 will FINALLY go down this season. Preferably my first trip to bishop. I have high hopes. Who’s siked? I’m definitely more than siked! #itwasonlylike14degrees #sendingtemps 📷: @caitilearned

How I feel about finals. #icantimdone
Then I realize I get to go climb outside with @zacstamper and @alex.ascione and it suddenly becomes all better.
#wasitonthelips @alex.ascione can only wish

I think @zacstamper and I need our own TV show.
We both sent moonraker V8 the next horrible morning in a classic send train fashion.
Three more finals and I’ll be back home to crush some more hard boulders.
Maybe I’ll post the rest of these videos at some point. I did leave it at a cliffhanger.
I don’t apologize for that pun.
#iwont #but...

I wish I had a campus board at school. 😢 But I don’t. So I’ll cry about it.

Sometimes all you can do is laugh when you fail. •
I’ve hit 161kg (355lbs) before. But not while doing a pyramid. Started with a warm up set and worked my way to my max then went back down. I hit 143kg (315lbs) for 3 on 2 sets. This video was the set in between the 315’s. I wanted to try an 18kg jump and skip the 9kg. Didn’t work out as you can see hahah •
I want to break 181kg (400lbs) at some point. Need to work harder! It will be done. •
Yes, I did say I’m staying away from weights so I can focus on climbing, but I lied. •
I’m not bodybuilding as of now, but I will keep powerlifting. It’s fun lifting heavy things.

Yesterday was not fun.
1. Food poisoning
2. Had to fly back to school
3. Connecting flight got switched to 10pm (didn’t take this flight at all)
4. Flight from LA to SF got postponed 2 minutes before boarding
5. Once we boarded we had to sit on the plane for over an hour not moving at all (I was lucky enough to have a window seat with no leg room crammed next to a big person)
6. I still have food poisoning. Don’t forget
7. Once flying, the turbulence was absolutely horrible making my nausea 10x worse. (Plane was taking about 10ft drops)
8. The drive from SF to Rohnert Park took over an hour
9. I still haven’t eaten anything all day
10. The person staying in my room while I was gone was still in my room when I got home
11. I REALLY needed my bathroom (but nooooo, she took her sweet time getting all her stuff out of my room)
12. I still have food poisoning today 😬

The planche is definitely one of the toughest if not the toughest skills to do in calisthenics and gymnastics. Yes, if you’ve been training for years and years it can be easy.
But for someone like me who has never done a planche or trained for it before and is on the heavier side as of now, it can be a real bitch.
I would consider myself to be an exceptionally strong person, but doing a planche is alien like.

I’m going to be stepping away from the weights for a while and start focusing on my climbing and calisthenics again.
I’m feeling too heavy. I know it’s all muscle but I feel my best when I’m at 155lbs. Not 166lbs.

Shoutout to @davidnonnynonemacher for the serious motivation. The man’s a beast.

Final set of DDL’s with 105lb DB’s each hand.
Climbers tend to neglect their lower body and stay away from weights because most people think using weights won’t help with their climbing and hinder them because lifting can add mass.
Not if you know what you’re doing.
I bulked up from 153lbs - 163lbs since school started because I wanted to. But I still want to climb hard, so I changed how I workout. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been.
I may workout and lift weights 5 days a week but I haven’t gained weight for over 2 months. Why? Because I know how my body works.
Don’t say something doesn’t work when it’s you that doesn’t know how to work it.
Find the instructions somewhere
Work every muscle in your body. Stop skipping leg day

I taught Jason Bourne everything he knows. Maybe not, but I taught Matt Damon how to climb.
This is showing bloopers to success.
Second to last clip my tap and rack was just under 4 seconds. Could be better. At least I don’t flinch when I dry fire.

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