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Throw me to the wolves, and I will return leading the pack.


Have you heard the rumor going around about butter?
Never mind, I shouldn't spread it.
Here's a landscape I took over a year ago now that I stumbled upon looking through my snow collection. All my photos are taken with my iphone since I don't have an actual camera.
Enjoy what I call Neverland, because I'll never grow up when I'm here.

It's like playing with a puppy haha Give @belay_on a chance to pull but you can't let him win :-) @belay_on made some cool pinch blocks and he thought it would be fun to play tug-o-war with them. He was right! It was fun beating him.
Challenge me if you think you have the grip strength! #challengeaccepted #tryhard #icansqueezetheliquidoutofanything #friendsthataredumbtogetherstaytogether

The rock got the best of me. I'm an emotional climber πŸ™ƒ

I sent my first v10 a few weeks ago but didn't get any footage of it. So of course it doesn't count. So I went back last weekend and did it again first go. I guess it counts now. Enjoy me making a v10 look easy. Also enjoy how humble I am :-)
Kidding I'm a good person. #behumble <--- hate myself. ^^^Just had a conversation with myself.

The face of failure.
@lyssamolly catches my good side πŸ“Έ

Bugs be gone! Turn the volume up and wait for the end. Makes me laugh every time. Props to @lyssamolly for this amazing video haha
On a side note @caitilearned somehow ripped her pants. So like a gentleman I traded pants with her and wore some extra small women's @prana pants with a big hole in the ass and still sent a v7 and v10 yesterday first go of the day.

Sign me up for the olympics guys. I'm ready

There is nothing more calming than the sound of nature 🌊

(There's part one and part two. Climb was too long to fit in one video) The Ultimate Trogdor. This is what it sounds like when I'm already pumped and trying to climb 20 feet of V8 at a consistent 30 degree angle. The second move is the hardest for me because it's a blind throw to a shit hand. Fell off that move almost every go. By the time I got to this send go, I had pulled my groin, my finger tips were bleeding, my legs were sore from working this the day before, and all my limbs were scraped and bloody. I told myself this go has to be it, because my body is done. When I hit that second move, I felt myself slipping so I let out my apache war cry and squeezed the living shit out that rock and stayed on. Every move after that hurt like hell and didn't get any easier. By the time I got to the top out I was so pumped I refused to let go. My tricep has never worked so hard in its life to make me get on top of a V2 mantle haha but it felt v12 when I got there. Every time I screamed @zacstamper screamed louder haha I wouldn't have gotten on top of that boulder if he wasn't screaming back at me. The day before this I told myself I was done for the day but of course gave it one more go and got my whole body on top of the boulder but couldn't stand up for the life of me. I had no strength left at all so I bitched out and dropped off. Went and got Mexican food and tequila. Zac and I always send after a night of tequila. He sent Trogdor right after me, but in a very peaceful manner haha
@gramicci @organicclimbing @adidasterrex

I am a wolf, it is my nature to be kind, gentle, and loving. But know this, when it comes to matters of protecting my family and my heart, do not trifle with me, for I am also the most powerful and relentless creature you will ever know.
Really wishing I was anywhere but in my room right now writing a research paper that I procrastinated on doing until 2 days before its due πŸ’€I'm 6 pages in. I got this πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸŽ“
Apparently outer space is in Abu Dhabi

I have a potty mouth at times 🚽
I got so worked up on this climb I couldn't help the cursing. Punting going for a jug about 30 times after you've done the hardest part gets you pretty upset. Please enjoy me failing on beefcake over and over. I find my failures entertaining so I assume everyone else enjoys my pain too 😸

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