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ben Collette  🇫🇷Industrial designer -Gallery of personal work -experimentations-collaborations- productions -working in Seattle-USA :: 🎮VALVe ✉️

Top-Ranked, Two Years Running. For the second consecutive year, the VICIS ZERO1 earned the top ranking for reducing impact severity in NFL/NFLPA's laboratory testing. See the results on vicis website

Luna greenhouse real time visualisation by Iunu : The foundation of Luna is a scientific data collection platform, bringing research grade data collection to commercial accessibility. A system of autonomous mobile and fixed cameras, with high definition and 3D imaging, as well as environmental sensors, measure and record everything, down to the real-time growth rate of each plant. This visual and data record is the baseline and the start of recorded history for future greenhouse operations.

Lytro illum battery charger. The combination of a small cutout in the charger and the sculpted Finger detail on the battery transformed a mundane task into an intuitive and slightly enjoyable gesture .

Back in 2012 HP reinvented its LaserJet line-up with the introduction of low melt JetIntelligence toner .It has enabled HP to reduce the size of its printers, lower energy consumption, increase printing speeds and reduce costs for small businesses. Designed at @teague1926

VICIS Zero1 :: designed at @artefactgroup with Clement Gallois . 2014 .thanks to Gabe Biller research effort................... “My experience wearing the ZERO1 this season has been exceptional,” Russell Wilson @dangerusswilson said in a statement. “The custom fit and wide field of vision have allowed me to perform at my best. I invested in VICIS because I believe in our mission and I want to help all the kids playing sports have access to the best available technology.”

Vicis Zero1 , removable internal padding

Vicis zero1 details

Dialog :: designed in 2014 @artefactgroup with @scottschenone and @instead_of_gaming .. Dialog is a concept designed to help people with epilepsy gain a deeper understanding of their condition and make better decisions about their care. It gives them an easier way to manage triggers and thresholds while it empowers them to use assistance from family caregivers, first responders, and clinicians as needed.

HP envy . Designed in 2010 @teague1926 with Josh Maruska, Tad Toulis and Roger Jackson...Still using one of those.


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Digital Illustration :: AD4P7 #ipadsketch #digital #techwear

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