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Kristin Addis  🌅 She travels solo, but she’s rarely alone 💕 🇩🇪 Currently in Berlin 📽 👇 Laguna 69, Peru

Speechless. Peru has SO MUCH to see and do that after a month I feel like I hardly scratched the surface. I can’t wait to come back again and again. This is the incredible Laguna 69 sitting at 4600 meters in elevation (15k feet). Click the link in my bio to watch the video and drone footage of the hike and lake! #discoversouthamerica

After nearly six years of perpetual movement, thousands of sunrises and sunsets, some solo and some with souls met along the journey, which are the best places I’ve ever been from Asia to Africa, South America, and spaces in between? Click the link in my bio for the top 10, and please, tell me your favorites here. I love adding to the ever-growing list.

This is the day I reached a new height. I embarked on a solo 4 day backpacking hike at over 4K meters without a guide or anyone but me. I worried it might be stupid or that I couldn’t do it, but I surprised myself and climbed that pass without struggle. Certainly there are some days when I’m not this girl. When I just want to pull the covers over my head and pretend I’m invisible. I know that for everyone, each day can feel like waging a battle or playing a joyful game, or sometimes both at the same time. What takes immense courage from one person may seem easy to another and we each have our own personal journeys and limits. One thing I do know is that the universe answers to courage. What once seemed impossible can become your new norm, like traveling alone, hiking in the wilderness unassisted, or even just opening your front door and stepping into the light when you really don’t want to. What did you think you could never do, only to surprise yourself? Nothing is too small!

Is it Morocco? Namibia? Abu Dhabi? Nah, it’s Peru! It blows my mind that one day I can be hiking in snow, spend the next in the Amazon jungle, then be sliding head first down a dune. I never realized how diverse Peru could be! #fromwhereidrone #discoversouthamerica

Only 48 hours and three spots are left for the Alaska trip in July/August! Join for a week of adventures including whale watching, glacier hiking, whitewater rafting, and a warm bed each night AND/OR a week of backpacking in the backcountry, completely off the grid, armed with only what we can carry. It’s a fantastic trip open to adventurous women (with photo workshops with me)! There’s seriously nothing like the Last Frontier. Click the link in my bio to join!

Hands up for Machu Picchu! This was at the end of four days hiking along the Inca Trail during the first week of my first ever #BMTMAdventures tour. I was blown away not just by the place, but the people who came on the tour. We formed such a close bond in such a short amount of time and I’m forever grateful for you guys for putting your faith in me on this first tour! Click the link in bio to read all about the Inca Trail (and how you can join me on this trip next year!) 💚 #peru #machupicchu #incatrail

“Huacachina is a bit of a drive from Lima, but this tiny town snuggled into the base of the desert's giant sand dunes is worth the trip. There's nothing like a desert sunset, and if it comes after the adrenaline rush of plunging down a giant sand dune on an old snowboard then all the better” - @jfur07 on the final day of #BMTMAdventures in Peru.

New video up on YouTube of this amazing lagoon in Bali’s Nusa Islands. If you haven’t seen my newest videos I switched up the style to be a lot more behind the scenes of these photos and the blog (you can see the drone controller in my hand here 😂) It’s a lot more fun and real talk! Click the link in the bio to watch and let me know what you think!

Smiling ear to ear after an incredible two weeks leading my first ever #BMTMAdventures tour. I couldn’t have imagined how incredible it would be to finally hang it with a few of you guys for two weeks. It was so inspiring, uplifting, and adventurous. My cheeks still hurt from all the times we laughed until we cried, and I’ll never forget all of the amazing things we saw and moments we shared. For those of you who didn’t go but are wondering how it went, it’s all at the link in my bio! (Plus, pre-register if you’d like to join next year!)

Walking the trail of the Incas (which is still 85% intact, just the way they built it) was one of the most interesting and gorgeous multi-day hikes I’ve ever done. Impressed is an understatement, both by the guides and porters and the gourmet meals they made, and the beauty of the trail itself. I’m thinking of repeating this trip again next year. Would you be down to hike this with me? #BMTMAdventures

Celebrating my birthday in the Amazon jungle of Peru was an experience I'll never forget. From pink river dolphins to sloths galore and hanging out in a treehouse over the water with the #BMTMAdventures crew as we finish up our first ever adventure tour was a better gift than I could have asked for. As I usually do, I wrote another open letter to my younger self with the answers to 20 questions I often pondered in my 20s, about love, success, and life in general. Click the link in my bio to give it a read. It's an uplifting one, promise.

thanks @amazonia.expeditions (🎶: Lagartijeando - Gran poder)

Hey it’s Shelby writing from Peru! My heart is overflowing with joy after this amazing birthday hike to Machu Picchu. Thank you for making it so special, Kristin! This continues to be one of the best adventures I’ve embarked on! -
Words from @shelbyhonestwithyou on #BMTMAdventures in Peru

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