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Isabella May Silvani  Oh baby, ahh man, ya making me crazy, ya really driving me mad

Lovely London balcony


Why did this happen to me 2 days before an exam??

Thigh hand lol


Contradictory 50s housewife

Back in the dale 😕

Undetectable double septum

Happy birthday to the most dramatic bitch to ever grace the earth, I love you so much X

🌱🌱One year anniversary of my veganism, do it guys, best decision I made. 🌱🌱 oh yeah and do watch earthlings and Gary Yourofsky's best speech, will change ur life. I thought vegetarianism was stupid before those two videos and then I changed over night to vegan. I thought no one could change my mind, but alas, Gary. ( )

Me hat is too tight #braindead #lol

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