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Matjaž Belšak  24 years old, 186cm, 150kg SLO strongest men, 3.SCL world finals, WSM finalist, PL junior champ. MNX, SBD, P. M. B., El Mecanico, Belšak rest.

Group's and event's for WSM. Looks like it will be a mascaras​ not a fight in my group =)!
4 more weeks off hard training!!!
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The video from the FIBO SCL stones!
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SCL #fibo stones
A revenge with Felix on the stones after the ESM. Its 1:1 in stones for this year... That get me also the win at stones overall.
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I competed in Strongman Champions League FIBO competition today. FIBO was my first SCL and after a few very close second places, I finally managed to win. I put a lot of work into my preparations for this year's competitions and it now it showed with a 13 point lead over the second place.
I took first place in the yoke/sandbag medley, atlas stones and the dumbbell.
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Checking the log technic before SCL FIBO
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The video is from the 200kg axel!
Hello Guys, a hard and funn weekend is behind me!
ESM 2017 is over, and i'm home with mixed feelings about my performance. First I would like to say a big thanks to the fans and the Giants live
team, who makes the show amazing.
The competition is over so time to look what went wrong, what I can do better and what I can be proud on!

I'm very happy, with my 200kg axel press. Joust to make sure I work like hall to get this 200kg, my old PB was 170kg and I didn't train axel for 3 wers, so there was a allot of work to do weak after week... The track pull was great, an 4. place in it and the lightest man to bring it over 18m(it was uphill​). The car walk was ok, i train a lot yoke, but its not the same...If I think that 2015 I maneged joust half the core that's much better.

I'm not happy with my DL, stones and medley. It was joust to much mistakes, not enough specific trening and I feel rely tired(probably didn't a mistake with my nutrition and my sugar lever in blood was very low. That's why i think). That shod not be an excuse, its joust looking back and learn what I can do better!

Its step for step to a better performance and competing wit the best in the world. I'm rely pleased my body feels much better like last year, so I'm sure there is much more I can do this year!

Thanks to everyone to help me to be where I am, I'm sure all of you know who I mean!
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Europe's Strongest Man goes live at 5pm local and you can watch it through the link below. I'm ready for my first competition of the year and the epic battle that's about to go down. Don't miss it!

Europe's strongest men!
Its that part of the year where the games begins!!! Hungry to compete again.
El mecanico
Gostilna Belsak
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Thanks to my friends from Austria who supports me on my last heavy training before ESM! I feel good and ready!

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