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Dara Bergeron BA/CPT/PFS/PN2  Belly Bootcamp™ Prenatal/Postnatal Fitness | Online Training For Mamas | Award-Winning Group Classes | #BBstrong | #wholemama 👩🏼👶🏼💪🏼☕️💥

One of my favourite ways to use a #foamroller: to open the mid-spine in order help mamas relieve low back & shoulder/neck pain.
My lovely client, Kelly, is keeping her tailbone heavy on the floor so her bum doesn't lift off the floor or tuck under. She is also exhaling as she drapes back over the roller, keeping her lower back as neutral as possible and focusing on keeping the movement just through the mid- & upper back as much as possible.
Start with the roller sideways under the shoulder blade area, exhaling to drape back & inhaling to rise and relax the ribs down (👉🏼note this is not an "ab crunch" on the roller so we don't rise any further than we need to align the ribs and hips to the same level; think of it more as a "crunch" for your mid back, exhaling to curl back & inhaling to relax forward).
Spend a minute or two curling back & forth in the first position, then move the roller a little lower down your back, just an inch, and spend a moment or two there. Move down again. Expect it to be less comfortable as you move down from the upper back to the mid-back. 😬👍🏼
Pregnant mamas & mamas with #diastasisrecti should consult a qualified trainer or coach to help implement this move as it could strain the abdomen IF done incorrectly over time. When done properly it's magic for your back! 👌🏼💕 xo

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There is nothing like taking off your makeup & bra at the end of a day and enjoying the fact that you'll never know what Tinder is all about. 🙏🏼👪👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👦👩‍👩‍👧👩‍👧‍👧 #amiright #pushing40butyougetthepoint

When you can't decide what to have for #breakfast 😂👌🏼 • I'm calling this a #ploughmanslunch but I think in North America we just call this "buffet."

Willpower doesn't work. ❤️ You are not a failure because you eat mini eggs. You are not a failure because you flop in front of Netflix instead of doing some squats & stretches. You are not a failure because you feel depressed after flipping through another women's fitness magazine ❤️ If you want to change your life, the first and simplest step to take is to simply change your environment ❤️ Quite simply, clean out the mini eggs. Place your foam roller & a towel out on the coffee table before dinner so you're reminded to move your body during TV time. Unsubscribe to negative media & SM that makes you feel inadequate. Stock your fridge with easy to grab healthy snacks. Put your workout clothes on as soon as you come in from work. Book a weekly early morning walk or jog date with a neighbour so you can't blow it off. ❤️ Set yourself up so you barely have to use your willpower at all. Change your environment & the influences on you, and you will change your life! xo

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c u r r y • wanted something delicious but lighter than the usual Sunday roast so it's my FAVE curry to the rescue • this one-pan Japanese chicken curry never disappoints and it's sooooo good for you! The kiddos ❤️ it • 👉🏼 Get the recipe at - just search the blog for "curry" and it will pop right up! You won't regret it. 🙌🏼😘 #BBstrong #wholemama

High fives make any exercise better 🙏🏼 Come for the workout, keep coming back for that amaaaaazing feeling of being surrounded by your mama #tribe. 🙏🏼💕 Book your free trial class at (clickable link in bio) xo


#lifewithababy 😂😭💩🍷

Here's a fun little workout for #pregnant & #postpartum mamas from @angigreene, using just a #stabilityball 🤰🏼💪🏼 • Remember to breathe deeply, and exhale to create a strong centre as you do the hardest part of the exercise (that's usually when you're moving against gravity 🤔) • Also, don't forget the dance party...that's super important! 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 xo

Happy Friday, mamas! 💕


💪🏼💦 Here's a lovely little #prenatalyoga flow from the also lovely @lauren_anderson_yoga, perfect for a quiet rainy day stretch & release. 🙋🏼 Tag a #pregnant or #postpartum mama who could use this nourishing little flow. xo

💕 the sweetest gravitational pull 💕 weight is an arbitrary system of measuring force/mass...sounds boring, right? It is. 💕 Don't let worry about your weight steal from your mothering experience. 💕


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