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Bellroy  • Considered carry goods for the best of life's little moments • Tag photos @bellroy #bellroy | Shop the Notebook Cover A5👇🏼

Fill in the blank: A new week + coffee + sun through the window = ______? Featured here, the Notebook Cover Mini in Eucalyptus. #freshideas

Capturing ideas is a personal process. Here’s how Bellroy product designer, Hadrien, puts his on paper: “I love Picasso’s point of view on this: ‘inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.’ I need a notebook to bring my thoughts out into the real world. Otherwise it’s no more than a daydream… There is such a connection to a paper surface, the texture. A drawing can be very simple and still hold so much of an idea, a feeling of how a product could be used. And that is one of the most important parts of my designs, defining how it might make a person feel, right there on the paper.” #creativeinspiration #ideasonpaper

The weekend has arrived. This looks like the ideal space to sit and enjoy it with a notebook and cup of tea/coffee/whiskey... whatever helps you unwind. ☕️ 📝
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Keep your ideas protected, in a cover worthy of its contents. The Notebook Cover A5 is now available #linkinbio

According to the Universal Principles of Design, high ceilings promote abstract thinking and creativity… so, for a good dose of creative inspiration, we leave our desks and head out here. Because there’s no higher ceiling than this one.

I N T R O D U C I N G: The Bellroy x Field Notes Notebook Cover. Inspiration doesn't always follow a schedule. Some of the best ideas strike when you least expect. For the notetakers and list-makers who want to capture their creativity the moment it strikes, this collaboration has everything you need in one cleverly crafted kit. #bellroyxfieldnotes #linkinbio

There's not long to go until our collaboration with @fieldnotesbrand launches... Any guesses on what we've worked on? #staytuned

Field Notes is a brand after our own heart. Like us, they design with intention. They hone in on the details. And they pour their efforts into making products their customers will love. So it made sense that we’d come together at some point… that point is now. Tune in this week when we reveal a Bellroy x Field Notes collaboration.


Behind the scenes at #bellroyhq. The creative process always involves countless hours of sketching and discussing ideas to make sure that the end product is balanced in structure, handfeel, and aesthetic. ✏️#delightinthedetail

We're packing our bags 'cause we can hear this road calling our names 🙌🏼 Who has an upcoming road trip planned? We wanna know where you're headed! Captured by Bellroy friend and road trip enthusiast, @kylethornhill

We’re total geeks about texture and materials. And when you pair leather and paper – two icons of an analogue world – we think it creates a touch of magic. Do you agree? #leather #paper #analogue #oldschool

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