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Bellroy  • Considered carry goods for the best of life's little moments • Tag photos @bellroy #bellroy | Shop now👇🏼

Are you a folder or do you prefer a crisp, flat bill?

You can’t get much more minimalist than this. The Card Slip DE, for the tightest pockets and slimmest threads.

One of the best ways to recharge during your workday is by practicing solitude. It refreshes the mind, boosts creativity, and improves your perspective. The team at our Bells Beach office
are lucky enough to have this vista right at their doorstep. It's the ideal spot for reflecting and recharging. #bellroyhq

What she lacks in size, she makes up for in sass. While we’re off enjoying our weekend, our Chief of Office Security, Molly, is trying to decide whether she’ll let the delivery man in on Monday. #facesofbellroy #bellroyhq

Lazy mornings + excellent reading material + your favorite carry item = _____________________?
📷by Bellroy friend, @mat_buckets 🌤#thingsorganizedneatly #cardholder #mornings

Look at our Micro Sleeve go. Maybe this’ll inspire you to give it a spin yourself… (see what we did there?) #microsleeve

Some mid-week wisdom from Dr.Seuss 🎩 #ohtheplacesyoullgo

We’re at home in both Bells Beach and Fitzroy. In Fitzroy, we swap our wetsuits for sneakers and get our buzz from the creativity (and caffeine) that surrounds us. We’re also pretty happy with our new collaboration corner (also known as the entrance). #bellroyhq #fitzroy #melbourne

🚫 = Receipts, expired gift cards, Irish currency from your trip in 1988...
👍 = A nice, slim wallet.
#slimyourwallet #feelthefreedom

Who’d have a clue there are three cards tucked safely in this slim case?! You can fool them all with the Phone Case 3 Card, and keep things nice and simple in the process. #minimalist #dailyessentials #nomorenoless

We’re geeks for a good swatch. All kinds of leather, microfiber, linings (and a token zip)… it’s almost everything we use right here and we think they look pretty great like this. 🙌🏼 #deconstructed #leather #materials.

Design details: The Pull Tab. We love being able to keep our less-used cards neatly tucked away, and easily accessible with one swift action. #designdetails

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