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Bella Thorne FANPAGE  Hej,Hi,Hola,Ciao,Hallo,Bonjour: ||Welcome to this Bella Thorne Fanpage|| xoxo~Hannah

I think it's time for me to make a decision that I've wanted to do for a really long time but not had the courage to do so.
I've been a Bellarina for years now, but lately, I just don't feel the same about her as an idol (I am still like her though)
And as my personal life goes, I feel like this account is stopping me from being me! (Which I think is the main reason I haven't posted in a long while)
So I won't be using this account anymore, but I WON'T delete it just yet.
A big, huge THANK YOU to EVERYONE that have made these last few years great! ❤️💕 Tagged ones: ( @selenasheartbeat @thelittlecubanprincess @heartb0ws @songlyyriics ) ❤️ I know I haven't been the best friend all the time and I know I haven't talked to some of you in a long while, and now when I won't be on this account idk how good we will be able to keep in touch, but IF you wanna stay in touch I would LOVE to fix that! But if you DON'T want to stay in touch with me...then tell me WHY! I just don't wanna leave and never talk to you again without a proper ending! I promise I won't be mad if you decide not to stay in touch with me... Good bye everyone! Xoxo~Hanna

Just a friendly reminder: Spread love, joy and happiness to the people around you! don't let hate, anger and violence come in between and win. Also, respect one another and don't assume something about someone that's not true! Everyone is beautiful, special and amazing in their own way! We need to remember that! Let love win guys! ❤️ xoxo~Hanna

Hej/Ciao to all my Swedish and Italian followers! Today is the football (soccer) game between Sweden🇸🇪 and Italy🇮🇹 !
Are you guys watching the game? And who do you think will win? I obviously want Sweden to win but I have a feeling Italy might be able to win this game! We will see! ☺️⚽️

Hi everyone! 💕 I want to be more social with you guys! I wanna talk and get to know some more Bellarinas! Since I haven't been online that much I feel like I don't talk to that many people here in the fandom anymore... Xoxo~Hannah ❤️

Happy June everyone! ☀️🌴 I hope you're having a great day!
QOTD: when does your summer break begin?
AOTD: June 17th ☺️

Hi everyone!! I promised a decision about what I'll do with this account by today right?
So my decision is that I'll stay on this account for now, I'll probably not post everyday...but I guess you're used to that!
ILY ALL!! ❤️😘 xoxo~Hannah

Hello!! ❤️ If you guys read my last post you know that I might want to change this account.... And I've decided that I'll take the time to make a good decision!
Hopefully I've made a decision my the end of this month! ( around April 30th)
Ily all so much! 💕 and I'll see you guys later! Xoxo~Hannah

Hi everyone! 💕

I just want to say that I am so so sorry I haven't been posting on this account for OVER A MONTH! 🙀😭 I also wanna say that the reason WHY I haven't been posting on this account is because •1: I have a lot to do in school •2: I feel like having this account isn't as fun as it used to be!
Don't get me wrong, I still love Bella and so on but I am not as big of a Bellarina as I used to be.
DON'T WORRY! I am not saying I am deleting or anything, I am just thinking about what I should do with this account in the future and that changes might happen (Not right now though) (Tagged ones 💕, Ilysm and I really need your to decide what I should do!) Xoxo~Hannah

This pic! 😻


Good morning guys! ☺️ what are you going to do today?
Anyway what do you think about Bella's new hair color? I personally love it! ❤️ Xoxo~Hannah

😻Bella looks so pretty in this pic! 💞😻❤️💕 Xoxo~Hannah

Happy Valentine's Day! ❤️ or as we say in Sweden: Glad all a hjärtans dag! (Which literally means Happy all hearts day❤️) Xoxo~Hannah

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