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Bellarke only go home  Just a reminder that Bellamy had threesomes but he is still shook by the fact Clarke touched his heart [ #lextaviagrp leader ]

[ How 5x03 really went ]
Q: Do you want me to make more of these?
I know this isn't funny, I don't have a lot of inspiration right now. I'm so sorry! [ #lextaviagrp #clexamygrp #spacewalkersgrp #headandheartgrp ]

[ Internet friends ]
They say internet friends don't exist. I say fuck you:) I couldn't fit everyone in this, but I have met so many people here and I'm so grateful for it. I think this is the reason why I can't leave this fandom. You all mean so much to me. Really!!! I love you with all my heart and thank you for being so good friends. I may do part 2 because i've got more I want to thank!!! Anyway internet friends are real and they are part of my life!

[ Clarke + season 2 ]
Q: Did you like Clarke in season 2?
A: Yes!
This is for @arkofclarke because it's her birthday! happy birthday Laura❤️ [ #lextaviagrp #headandheartgrp #spacewalkersgrp #clexamygrp ]

I don't know what to do with this account anymore:( I wish the 100 didn't let me down this season so I could have inspo!

[ Bellarke x Book part 4 ] #bellarkerssbook
Q: Favourite season?
A: season 4 but season 1 is close!
#lextaviagrp #headandheartgrp #clexamygrp #spacewalkersgrp

Happy birthday to @elizajaneface ❤️ Have an amazing day!! We love you 🌸 @elizajaneface

[ 4x04 ] Tap for the sound!
Q: Roan or Bellamy?
A: Bellamy!
Okay can you guys believe people are actually making fun of this scene? This was one of the many scenes i really felt for Bellamy. This one one of his worst moments of his life and people are making jokes about it. Smh! Also Bob did an excellent job here (as always)!! [ #lextaviagrp #headandheartgrp #spacewalkersgrp #clexamygrp ]

[ 4x01 / Tap for sound!! ]
Q: Favourite character in this?
A: Bellamy! [ #lextaviagrp #headandheartgrp #spacewalkersgrp #clexamygrp ]
Tried something new, I'll see how it'll work:)

[ 5x01 how it really went ]
Q: Are you excited for season 6? #lextaviagrp #headandheartgrp #spacewalkersgrp #clexamygrp

[ Game ]
Q: Fuck, marry, kill with these 3 women!! A: fuck Harper, Kill Echo and marry Clarkey [ #lextaviagrp #headandheartgrp #clexamygrp #spacewalkersgrp ]

[ 4x13 ]
Q: Did you like season 4?
A: Yes!!
I really enjoyed making this and I already made one more for another episode (secret lmao)!! Please don't let it flop!! :(
[ #lextaviagrp #headandheartgrp #spacewalkersgrp #clexamygrp ]

[ Bellarke x Book part 3 ] #bellarkerssbook
Q: Favourite character from the 100?
A: Bellamy. [ #lextaviagrp #headandheadgrp #spacewalkersgrp #clexamygrp ]

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