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Bella Henna🔹  artist • adventurer • cincinnati • next stop: Boulder, Colorado July 5-15

So much fun doing this mehndi- and check out her amazing #nailart! congratulations Sara and Orion! 💕💕💕

super fun little ditty from today’s henna party 💕

nothing says summer like #flowerfeet! 🌻🌿🌻#happyfeet #hennafeet #betterthanshoes

henna for beautiful bride @shellssss - so many pretty pics to sort through! Who can find her new hubby’s name? 💕 👀💕#punjabiprincess #bridalhenna #betterthanjewelry

riff on an open space shoulder design for @julesmariek - thanks for letting me take pics with your amazing iPhone 10!! So fun! #summertime #shoulderhenna #betterthanjewelry

super tough #hennacuff for @climbingblake (and our pup Eli, in the background being shy ☺️)

another shot of this beautiful bride’s #jagua in #playadelcarmen 💙 I’ve been taking a break from social media lately, back now and excited to share some pics from rock climbing and henna in Hueco Tanks and other adventures soon!

Jagua shoulder piece for @lanamariest at the #huecorockrodeo today 💙 - it’s raining but we’re still having fun! #rainorshine #climberhenna

bold floral #jagua for a beautiful bride in tropical paradise 💕 so much fun! Thank you Fatima!

snow-day doodles...snowflake? Or mandala? can’t believe it’s less than a week until Mexico! ☀️☀️☀️ @climbingblake

#jagua sleeve

flash back #hennacap 🍃 happy Friday y’all!

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