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• remembering May of last year. It was honestly one of the highlights of my life getting to experience the beauty of this island and the forever love + friendship + new memories made with these women. I was just talking about this trip with @kathrynleab and it’s safe to say this is definitely my favorite place on earth so far. Missing this so so much. • #Hawaii

In the wars of my mind
He brings me peace
When my fist is tight
He brings release
In the loneliness of life
He is my friend
When the stitches come loose
He is the mend
In the darkest night
He is by my side
Always comforting
Showing the light
Though I’ve rejected
He still forgave
When I got lost
The path He already paved

• don’t leave me hiiiigh, don’t leave me drrrry • soft + slow @radiohead jams ‘cause it’s midnight • #music

• gymlyfe stair stepper central • #youbettawerk

• in the name of love • #music

• a solid 2016 throwback because imysm • also it is now extremely odd to see you in glasses • 👓 #love

Celebrated 2 Years last night with @renexmarino 🎈we always do something creative + eat breakfast for dinner. This year we took a salsa dancing class 💃🏻 + to make things a little more interesting, we went to the Goodwill and picked out some outfits for one another 😂 I have him dressed as some kind of Cuban tourist and he was going for a matador type outfit 😂😂😂 10/10 highly recommend anniversary theme outfits.

Happy 1st birthday, Elijah Rene 🎈 #maythe4thbewithyou #lp

▪️when we've walked the earth every inch and mile • laugh so hard until we cry • through every triumph + every trial • I will love you ▪️

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