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why are you vegetarian?
we are all animals of this planet, we are all creatures
and non human animals experience sensations just like we do. they too are strong, intelligent, industrious, mobile and evolutional. they too are capable of growth and adaptation like us first and foremost they are earthlings, and like us they are surviving, and like us they all seek their own comfort rather than discomfort and like us they express degrees of emotion. and sure, like us they are alive. most of them being in fact, vertebra. just like us,
as we look back on how essential animals are vital to our survival. for companionship, food, clothing, sport, aswell as scientific research. ironically we show complete disrespect for these animals and providers
without a doubt this must be what it is, to bite the hand who feeds us. in fact we've actually stomped and spit on it, now we are faced with the inevitable aftermath. this is evident in health reports due to our over consumption of animals / cancer, heart decease. it has come to the time where everyone should reconsider their eating habits, our traditions, our styles and fashions and above all, our thinking. so if there's any meaning to the saying, what goes around comes around, then what do they get for their pain? so we even give it a second thought? if what goes around comes around comes around how are the getting repaid?
they are earthlings they have the right to be here, just as much as humans do. perhaps the answer is found in another age old saying, and one equally true - we reap just what we sow. so of course animals feel, and of coarse animals feel pain. one things is absolutely true, animals used for food, clothing, entertainment and in scientific research and all the apression that is done to them under the sun, they all die from pain, each and everyone.
we are all earthlings, make the connection.

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