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Belinda Kou Lettering  Chicago-based graphic designer & letterer ✒️✏️

I started this account a little over a year ago to hone what was mostly intermittent doodles, and to create a space where I could get sucked into and wonderfully lost in all the ascenders, descenders and flourishes of beautifully crafted words. What I ended up discovering was a vibrant lettering community I didn't know was out there.✨ I am constantly encouraged and inspired by you all. Lettering is a craft I yearn to further refine in my career, and it would be such a privilege and so *ridiculously* thrilling to meet and learn from all the lettering superstars who are attending @letterwest. 🙏🤩 🙏 So, here's my stab at @homsweethom's scholarship opportunity. Thank you to @homsweethom for your generosity and all the ways you contribute to and grow the lettering community, and @beccaclason for organizing this event! 💛 #letterwest

A little note to self to always #staygrateful 😊 Also a thing to be grateful for — rubbing elbows with fellow letterers at a #Chicago lettering party today. Thanks for hosting, @adehogue and @heykyle! Can we do this more often? 😁

Happy May! 🌿🌼🌺

This dangerously delicious combo makes me feel both happy and terribly guilty at the same time 🤤😅 It’s definitely my guilty pleasure snack! 🔥 Pro tip: to avoid the telltale red fingers, @thejackkou and I like to use chopsticks to eat this 😂 @homsweethom #HOMwork

💙🌎🌿 #earthday

Who else is over this wintery spring? I walked outside this morning to find snow and ice everywhere and was quite unimpressed 😑 Is it summer yet? Thanks for the prompt on negative twists, @nim_br and @homsweethom! #HOMwork

Been so tired lately since returning to work to post anything, but at least I can jump onto this band wagon! 🙃 love seeing what everyone is sharing! #artvsartist

Anybody else ever feel this way? @thejackkou knows this is my least favorite chore 😝 #goodtypetuesday @goodtype @homsweethom

Fun (gross?) fact: In undergrad I used to keep a giant Costco-sized tub of Nutella at my desk and would take spoonfuls of it as a snack while studying🥄😅. Oh to have that kind of metabolism again... Loving this food related prompt this week, @homsweethom! #HOMwork

Happy Lunar New Year to all! 🎊 #yearofthedog

Fitting this one in for #goodtypetuesday by @goodtype—Love yourself 💜💙

Any ramen fans out there? 🍜 This week’s prompt by @homsweethom goes out to @thejackkou, since he knows how protective I can get of my food 😆 #HOMwork

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